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  • Web part zone - Container setting
    Trevor Chinn    —       —    Question

    Hi there. On my first week of using Kentico at my company and thus I am a bit fresh. I asked my coworkers but they've never seen this issue nor could they figure it out, so I am posting here to try...

  • Icon Encoding
    Robert Tyska    —       —    Question

    Working on version 8.2 and having some issues with the icons... I'm not sure if it is an encoding issue, or what, but after a non-so-long amount of time in admin, they just turn to some odd charact...

  • Kentico 8 Web Part Tray
    Delford Chaffin    —       —    Question

    In Kentico 8, the web part tray in design mode does not scroll for me. Is anyone else seeing this?Also, in K7 you used to be able to hide it altogether. I know how to minimize the K8 one, but how c...