Josef Dvorak Solution Architect

Josef Dvorak Solution Architect at Kentico Software

Hello, I am a Solution Architect with Kentico. My primary focus is the E-Commerce module, however it is not uncommon for me to help with other modules as well.

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  • Brno, Czech Republic
  • Member since December 2012

Removing unavailable Variant Product options from the ShoppingCartItemSelector

Josef Dvorak    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

When using Variants defined using just one Product option class Kentico removes the unavailable Product options from the list of available Product options. However when using multiple Product option classes to define Variants the unavailable options are left in the list, to indicate that other combinations may be available for purchase.

Context Values in Generic Handlers (.ASHX) and Web Services / WebMethods (.ASMX)

Josef Dvorak    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

By default in .NET framework, Generic Handlers and Web Services are processed in session separate from the one created upon visiting site using the usual means (.ASPX). This article explains what it means for you as a Kentico developer and how to modify your code in order to use the main session.

.NET Generic Handlers are not to be confused with Kentico Global Event Handlers.

E-commerce Custom Macro in Online Marketing Process – Abandoned shopping cart

Josef Dvorak    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

This article shows an example of creating a Custom Macro Method for use in the On-line Marketing process condition step, to detect an abandoned shopping cart. While the Custom Macro can be used anywhere in Kentico CMS with any Kentico License Edition, the On-line Marketing module is only available in the EMS license edition.

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