Add product to shopping cart in Internet Explorer 10


Adding a product to the shopping cart was not possible when using Internet Explorer 10 and this article describes a solution to this problem.

The inability to add a product to the shopping cart in Internet Explorer 10 is caused by an inconsistency between data types sent by the browser and it’s handling in .NET v4.0. The reason is that IE 10 sends the click coordinates for an image button as doubles, but older versions of .NET v4.0 are expecting integer values. To resolve this issue, upgrade the .NET framework to version 4.5 and recompile your project.  If upgrading your project to .NET 4.5 is not possible, you can also consider adding the following tag to force Internet Explorer 10, to run as Internet Explorer 9: <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9" />



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Applies to: Kentico 7.x


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