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How to Delete Inactive Contacts in Batches in Kentico 8

Pavel Jiřík    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

When your database is very large, and you suddenly enable the deletion of inactive contacts (Settings application -> On-line marketing -> Contact management -> Inactive contacts -> Delete inactive contacts), the scheduled task responsible for the deletion may result in a timeout as it tries to delete all inactive contacts at once.

HTML Resource Strings Module

Pavel Jiřík    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

Sometimes you have a snippet of the HTML code or a longer text that you wish to use multiple times on your site. By default, Kentico contains the Localization application that allows you creation of custom resource strings. However, this is intended more for multi-culture sites. Therefore, I would like to show you how to create such a module from scratch.

Troubleshooting Kentico performance

Zoltán Jalsovszky    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

Some clients tend to spent extra money on buying better hardware for their environments, thinking this will help speed up their website. However, the reality in most cases is very different. We should always ask ourselves, whether we have done everything we can to make sure the website is really optimized.

This article discusses various steps which can be used during troubleshooting Kentico performance issues, such as slow page loading times, and describes several general tips and tricks which may help improve the website performance.

Using Bootstrap in Kentico

Eric Dugre    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

Bootstrap is a popular LESS/Sass-based CSS library for creating responsive websites. This article will go over how to begin using Bootstrap in your Kentico site.

HTML minification with WebMarkupMin

Zoltán Jalsovszky    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

In this article, you will learn how to implement minification of the HTML output in Kentico using the open source .NET library WebMarkupMin. Thanks to a custom module you can control what exactly you want to minify directly from the administration interface.