Better Discounts Support for Kentico CMS 8 - Your Ideas Are Welcome!

As we would like to offer a more flexible discounting system for version 8, it would really help us to learn about your needs so we can try to prepare it for your specific scenarios. So, tell us about them!
Although one part of our E-commerce development team is still working on product variants and another part is preparing for a more flexible checkout process, I would like to start putting together the last request of e-commerce improvements for version 8: Flexible discounts.

Version 7

Currently we offer the following types of discounts out of the box:

Discount coupons

These are applied when a customer enters a valid discount coupon code during the checkout process. The discount is applied to all products in the customer's shopping cart that are assigned to the given discount coupon. Per each product unit, the customer can receive either a relative or absolute discount. Validity of the discount coupon can be limited (valid from/valid to). Discount coupons are not applied to product options.


Volume discounts

These are applied when a customer adds a specified amount of the product to her shopping cart. Per each product unit, the customer can receive either a relative or absolute discount. Volume discounts are not applied to product options.


Discount levels

If customer with an assigned discount level logs in, she can see discounted prices of all products which are in the departments for which the discount level is configured. Per each product unit, the customer can receive a relative discount only. Validity of a discount level can be limited (valid from/valid to). Discount levels also apply to product options.


To learn more about our current types of discounts, see our E-commerce Guide.

Version 8 - Share your ideas!

We would like to hear about the scenarios that you are not able to cover without customization of our current discounting system. It will definitely help us to better define the priority of every single improvement of our discounting system. Please inform us of your needs and don't let it up to others to decide improvement priorities!

We will appreciate receiving your ideas by filling in the form below.

Thank you for helping us to improve the Kentico E-commerce Solution!
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Petr Vozak

Technology Partnership Product Owner at Kentico. He works with technology partners to enrich the Kentico product offering and bring greater value to those using our products.