Kentico CMS 8: E-commerce Minor Improvements - Your Feedback Is Required!

Which small e-commerce features would make your life with our E-commerce Solution easier? If you want to see them pushed to version 8, let us know!
As with version 7, we plan to enhance our E-commerce Solution in version 8. However I believe that as well as coming with new big features, we can make smaller things as well, helping you to use existing features more easily and effectively.

Help us to find some candidates for these small e-commerce improvements!

Typical smaller improvements

Here are some tips for improvements which could be ranked as "smaller", but I'm sure you will come with completely different suggestions, too.

For administrators
  • missing setting in the e-commerce web part properties to handle your typical scenarios which now requires web part modification by your developer
  • missing field of any e-commerce object (e.g. missing field in the manufacturer properties) which you perhaps need for every on-line store
For developers
  • missing e-commerce macro
  • missing method which can be easily used in e-commerce transformations
  • missing property or method of e-commerce API class
  • missing or difficult customization of any specific e-commerce method
  • missing schema or more detailed description of any specific e-commerce process
  • missing e-commerce API example for frequent tasks

Share your ideas with us!

Use the E-commerce section on UserVoice to share your specific suggestions on smaller improvements with us or vote for suggestions from other users.

Adding a new suggestion
1. Select Features - E-commerce section from the right menu (if not already selected).
2. Enter name and description of your suggestion. Do not forget to select the Minor improvements category.
3. Enter number of votes for your idea (1 - 3).
4. Press Post idea button to post it.

How to add your suggestions

Voting for an existing suggestion
1. Select Features - E-commerce section from the right menu (if not already selected).
2. Select the Minor improvements category from the top right menu (it is hidden until there is at least one idea in it)
3. Click the Vote button next to the idea you would like to vote for
4. Select number of votes you would like to give to the idea

How to vote for suggestions from other users

PS: The final plan for "bigger" e-commerce features and improvements for version 8 is not yet completed so I am not able to tell you any specific details now.

Looking forward to your ideas!
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Petr Vozak

Technology Partnership Product Owner at Kentico. He works with technology partners to enrich the Kentico product offering and bring greater value to those using our products.