New design of E-commerce UI in Kentico CMS 6.0

E-commerce module will come with many improvements in version 6.0. The first but not last is a new design of the E-commerce administration user interface. Let's have a look at it.

Version 5.5 R2
In the current version, E-commerce module is built-in among other modules, i.e. in CMS Desk -> Tools section.

E-commerce  in version 5.5R2

Version 6.0
To make E-commerce administration easier to access, we have created a brand new E-commerce tab directly in the CMS Desk. What is more, there will be a new ribbon-like toolbar instead of the tabs navigation.

E-commerce in version 6.0

What do you think about it?

PS: Currently we are finishing site separation of E-commerce data. Once we are finished, I will share it with you to receive any feedback. Thank you.

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Petr Vozak

Technology Partnership Product Owner at Kentico. He works with technology partners to enrich the Kentico product offering and bring greater value to those using our products.


petr.vozak-kentico commented on

Alex, you can add these fields to your customers list just by modifying the following files:

- add CustomerID and CustomerPhone columns to the list of columns which will be retrieved from the database:
Columns="CustomerID, CustomerPhone, CustomerLastName, CustomerCompany, CustomerFirstName, CountryDisplayName, StateDisplayName, CustomerEmail, CustomerCreated, CustomerEnabled, CustomerUserID"

- add the definition of your two new columns and their filters:
<column source="CustomerID" caption="$ID$" wrap="false">
<filter type="integer" />
<column source="CustomerPhone" caption="$Phone$" wrap="false">
<filter type="text" />

3) As the result, you can see CustomerID and CustomerPhone in the grid and you can filter(search) by their values

I believe it helps to solve your problem.

Alex commented on

Hi, do you preview search customers by customerid or by phone number? this would be very useful

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

To Stratego:
Thank you for your ideas.

Ad product categories)
Version 6.0 will come with support for Hierarchical categories. In your scenario, you will be able to assign product document to multiple categories. Then you can display category tree using Category menu web part and navigate to your products. More details about Hierarchical categories will be published in some of my blog posts before releasing version 6.0.

Ad product bulk upload)
I recommend reading:
A) The following KB article about importing products from external source:

B) The following blog post about Kentico CMS Import toolkit:

Ad product UI)
This is planned for version 7.0. Our goal is to simplify creating and managing products. As the result we would like to move management of the document-related product properties to the E-commerce module, so you won't need Product tab in Content any more. It is in the phase of creating requirements, but this will be definitelly the improvement I believe you, our customers, will love.

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

To David and Daniel: Product pricing based on culture won't come as out-of-the-box feature in version 6.0; however you will be able to handle this by the simple customization as described bellow in my previous comment. Is this OK for you? Thanks

David Pinn commented on

I like that you have elevated e-Commerce from a module amongst all of the others to its own tab.

Cosmetic changes are nice, but like Rich Wright, I badly need the culture model to extend into the e-Commerce module. We need different prices for products sold in New Zealand to those sold in Australia. We're achieving that now by duplicating products, but it's an administration nightmare. If you implemented multi-culture pricing, a party would erupt in our office.

Daniel Gugala commented on

To Petr/Rich: With regard to the custom solution for distinct pricing accross cultures - will this be able to handle tiered pricing by product by culture?

Stratego commented on

Sounds good.

I would like to see;

* The ability for a product to be in more than one place in a category hierarchy. For example, for an office supplies company Filing Cabinets SKUs would be in the category Office Furniture and also in the category Filing and Storage.

* The ability for there to be multiple paths down from the top level to a sub-category or set of sub-categories.

* Tools to bulk load products from an ERP/merchandising system.

* An interface for product maintenance that was driven from a product viewpoint not a page viewpoint which is the standard for Kentico.


Radek Zdražil commented on

To Petar Kozjak: Also, I wonder what was actually a problem with transportation

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

To Rich: In the current version the product price is received from the SKUPrice field. In version 6.0 the product price will be received from the SKUPrice field as well but through a customizable method,... and that's it. You will be able to override it and receive product price from a custom field or calculate product price based on anything what is included in the shopping cart (customer, addresses, user, role, currency, other products in the shopping cart, etc.). In your case, you will add an extra product price field for each culture and override the method to get the product price from the corresponding product price field instead of the standard SKUPrice field. I plan to introduce you our improved shopping cart calculation process before publishinng version 6.0 to ensure that it covers all custom scenarios. I believe it does ;)

Sharon commented on

Excellent! Looking forward to the e-commerce upgrade. Almost all of these new features are things I've had to customize going way back to about version 3.0:<br />
- Shipping calculation based on weight<br />
- Donations, downloadables, memberships etc<br />
- Tax per shipping and/or billing address<br />
- eWay payment gateway

Rich Wright commented on

We have a couple of Kentico sites where the client requires different pricing for different cultures but they did not want to use the Exchange rate method as it 1: results in odd prices and 2: they wish to sell some items at different prices in different markets.

Kentico does not handle this differential pricing, and I have not found a method that works. Can you please confirm that this will be resolved in v 6.0 (or not).

Michal Neuwirth commented on

Hi all,

below you can find list of e-commerce features that will be released in version 6.0:
- Site separation -> till now there are only globally shared e-commerce data. In version 6.0 you will have site specific data and globally shared data.
- Shipping calculation based on Weight
- Multi-lingual products
- New product types (Dontations, Downloadable products, Paid membership, Bundle)
- Hierarchical categories
- Shipping tax per shipping or billing address
- New UI
- New and better customization model

Following payment gateways will be available on the market after 6.0 release:
- eWAY

Try to look at our marketplace ( where you can find three commercial components for e-commerce. There are Avalara connector, USPS connector and PayPal PayFlow connector from JMA Web Technologies.

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

To Henry: As for the e-commerce data, this will be upgraded automatically. The only thing you will need to care about is your custom code. I will describe this in more details in the post about new E-commerce customization model. E-commerce customization and better E-commerce API are another topics we really focused on.

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

To Petar Kozjak: Could you please describe what kind of customization you had to do and what was the biggest problem about shipping? Thanks

Petar Kozjak commented on

Finally! I thinks that Kentico E-commerce was only module that wasn't working good as all other.

On every E-commerce Website we had to do some additional customization. Biggest problem was shipping.... :(

Henry Tait commented on

Looks really good Petr. We are about to be implementing a couple of big e-commerce sites in 5.5 R2. Will the upgrade to 6.0 be nice a smooth for the e-commerce functionality?

Alex commented on

looks nice. send us a list of all new e-commerce features!!!