CRM Connect for Kentico 2.0 Now with Full Salesforce Integration


CRM Connect for Kentico is a solution developed by EMAKINA CEE to connect  Kentico CMS/EMS with popular CRM platforms. Version 2.0 offers the full integration of the Salesforce CRM amongst other things.

I am happy to announce that the new version of CRM Connect for Kentico 2.0 was just officially released. It is fully compatible with both Kentico 10 and Kentico 11 and offers many useful new features and functionalities, most notably the full integration of Salesforce CRM. There are also improvements, such as a new architecture that decouples services and components for more flexibility, as well as easier configuration within the CRM system.


Why integrate with a CRM?

A website should not exist as a separate entity. It needs to be integrated into the business to provide customers with more targeted, personalized experiences.

CRM Connect for Kentico is a software solution that connects customer relationship management platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce to Kentico's content management system, seamlessly integrating digital marketing into online sales activities. Leads are not only captured, but constantly enriched with data. This allows a 360-degree view of the customer and to specify the targeting, based on their interests and their buying behavior, which favors a successful sale.

What Is New about CRM Connect for Kentico?

The following features have been implemented in the CRM Connect for Kentico 2.0:

  • Full Salesforce integration – Not only can data be transferred from Kentico to Salesforce, but also from Salesforce to Kentico.
  • Simplified configuration – The connection between Kentico and the CRM system can be configured even more easily in the new version via a practical interface.
  • Manual synchronization – Using the Kentico module, data can now also be synchronized manually between Kentico and the CRM system.
  • Time based synchronization – Synchronizations can now be planned and executed after a certain interval or at a fixed time.
  • Extended Kentico module – The Kentico module provides an overview of the current configuration and log files as well as a clear user interface for manual synchronization.

A Certified Extension

CRM Connect for Kentico was developed within Kentico's Technology Partnership Program. This means that it was validated by Kentico to ensure that it meets required quality and security standards, and performs well on the Kentico platform. You can learn more about this partnership and download the extension here.

Want to Know More?

Simply get in touch with Emakina or even better: Register for the upcoming technical webinar "Deeply Integrate Kentico in Your Sales Pipeline(January 17, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CET) to learn more about how the improvements simplify the configuration and how to set it up for the mentioned synchronization scenarios.

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Petr Vozak

Technology Partnership Product Owner at Kentico. He works with technology partners to enrich the Kentico product offering and bring greater value to those using our products.