Welcome to my blog

Hi! This time, I will tell you something about my work in Kentico and for those of you who are curious about our new version of the Kentico CMS I will describe some features which will be included in it.

Welcome to my first post

Let's start with introducing myself. My name is Petr Vozak and my job in Kentico is to take care of one of the development teams, basically I work as a Technical Leader. I came to Kentico when I was studying at technical university, it was in February 2006. I remember that time quite well, I was thinking about the job which could help me to get the experience in the IT world. I joined the Kentico team - it was the important day in my professional live. Immediately after I went through the basic training and got the knowledge of the Kentico CMS, we started working on the version 2.0. I am really happy I could be a member of Kentico team from the very beginning of creating such a great product.

My job

First, I was participating in developing administration UI, user controls and different features around the whole CMS. Simply, I worked as junior developer. This helped me to get the general knowledge of our CMS and its base functionality. But when the Kentico grew and there was a need to build separate development teams which should be focused on different parts of the whole solution, I became a leader of one such team. Now, I closely cooperate with CTO when doing analysis and preparing specifications of the new features and functionality. After the specifications are approved my job is to keep an eye on their proper implementation and help the team with the development of the more complicated features. My team is currently created from 3 junior developers and me as their leader. We are standing mainly behind the Ecommerce and Blogs modules.

Ecommerce module

It is the largest module of our CMS. It covers all the features which are required to build e-shop, here you can find their summary. Together with the flexibility of the whole CMS it is really easy to start online business and shopping.

In version 3.1 we have prepared Ecommerce starter site to show you the ability of our Ecommerce solution. I hope you like it. We have also created more detailed documentation focused on Ecommerce module. I strongly recommend you to checkout our Ecommerce starter site and read Ecommerce Guide before creating your own e-shop. Then, you will become more familiar with the possibilities of our solution.

Be sure we have pretty amount of features and improvements to the Ecommerce solution on hand but you need to realize that it is not the only part of our CMS. We need to divide the implementation time among a lot of parts and improvements of the whole solution. I recommend you to send your requirements, tips and feedback to our support and sales. We closely cooperate with them because it is really necessary for us to know what you, our customers, need and what you like or don't like about our CMS. It is just the case of the product options in Ecommerce module. You were really hungry for this feature so we build it into our Ecommerce module.

Blogs module

It is one of the smaller modules but with full set of features which enable you to start blogging. Because the next version of the Kentico CMS will be focused on the community features and the blogs are one of the important parts of the community portals, it was really necessary for us to improve their functionality.
We have already added support for document tags and categories, which enable you to add tags to any document or categorize any document. Then, site visitors can use built-in Tag cloud or Category list to navigate to the required documents. These features are already implemented and will be included in the next version of the Kentico CMS.

What is my team doing now?

I am sure you want to know what we are currently working on and what features you can expect in the next version. Some of them have been already mentioned in the Martin's latest post. The next ones are the general notifications and support for data filters. My team covers implementation of these pretty cool features and we are almost done. I will describe them to you in more details:


This module enables you to send notification messages using notification providers. Kentico will come with built-in e-mail notification gateway, however, you will be able to create your custom ones, such as SMS or ICQ providers. The way of customization will be similar to the customization of the payment providers in Ecommerce module.  Site visitors or CMSDesk administrators will be able to subscribe to the specific events and choose the providers they want to obtain notification message from. It means that for one event user can obtain notification messages from multiple providers. By default, there will be several built-in events (document updated, document deleted, etc.), however, you will be able to create and use your custom ones. I'm sure you will like it.

Data filters

Imagine you can create separate custom filter which enables your site visitors to filter and sort specific data list on the web site. From the developer point of view, this filter is something like the extender of that CMS data viewer. It means that filter and data viewer are two separate controls and the filter can extend the properties of the data viewer. You simply add Data Filter web part anywhere to your page template and initialize it with the filter name and the path to the user control which represents your custom filter. Then you add any CMS data viewer web part, such as CMS Datalist, and set its filter name property to that filter. And that's all. You don't have to create specialized controls or web parts with built-in filters. Isn't it great? Showcase of the Data Filter webpart was already added to the Ecommerce starter site and you can enjoy it in the next version of CMS.

That's all for now. I hope you were not bored with my introduction. Anyway, I think it is good to know also something about the people of the company you, our customers, trust and send your money to. We really appreciate it. Of course, I will focus mostly on the Kentico CMS  and their functionality in my next posts because here are many developer themes which are worth mentioning. So, I will be happy if you make any suggestions of the topics you are interested in.


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Petr Vozak

Technology Partnership Product Owner at Kentico. He works with technology partners to enrich the Kentico product offering and bring greater value to those using our products.


Terry Walker commented on

Wow, I never knew that Ecommerce blog. That’s pretty interesting...

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

Hi Joy, If you upload some image by "Post Teaser" you can display it anywhere where data of that post is available. Mostly, in the the list of posts or in the post's detail. It means you will need to include "cms.blogpost" document type in your CMS Repeater content filter. Then you will need to set something like GetFileUrl("BlogPostTeaser") as "src" parameter of "img" tag in your transformation to get URL of the uploaded image. I recommend you to check out our example at Community site:
1) Install Community sample site
2) Go to the CMSDesk -> Content
3) Click "Blogs" in the content tree, then you can see list of blog posts with displayed image teasers.
4) Click "Design" tab and locate CMS Repeater web part named "rptLatestPostAllBlogs".
5) Open its properties and see repeater settings and its transformations.
I hope it helps you.

Joy commented on

Hi Petr,
In Blog when I am creating new post.
New Post -> Forms -> "Post Teaser" option is there.
What is the use of "Post Teaser"?

When I upload a file by the Post Teaser, but that file I am not able to see in Blog page.

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

Hi Denish. Unfortunatelly, I can't help you without detailed information. I really suggest you to contact our support. Probably you will need to send them your site export package because the issue you have described can be caused by different site structure. If so, you will need to use also different repeater settings. I am sure they will find out what is wrong.

Denish commented on

HI Petr, Yes my repeaters are same as configured in your corporate site. what i have to do?

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

To Elijah: Thank you for such kind words. I hope everything is going well with building your online store. Feel free to contact our support team if you need any assistance.

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

To Denish: That works fine in our Sample Corporate Site. Please ensure your repeaters are configured as the ones in our Sample Corporate Site. If you are still having problem, please send more details to our support team.

Elijah Taylor commented on

Hello Petr, thank you for the information. I've not made much use of the ECommerce module yet, but I am soon in a small online store project I'm working on now. I just wanted to thank you and your team for providing such a complete and yet simple-to-use module :-)

Denish commented on

Hi Petr, I have created two blogs named FIRSTBLOG and SECBLOG. When I see SECBLOG's comment, in the Right Zone repeater named rptBlogDescription and rptSideColumn display the detail of FIRSTBLOG's(because repeater's property set "OrderBy="NodeLevel DESC" SelectTopN="1" ".

How Can I display selected blogs detail means in repeater rptBlogDescription and rptSideColumn. If I select 3rd blog It will display details of third Blog in Right Zone Repeater.

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

Thanks for your feedback Johh. I really understand your needs. First I thought it will be enought to offer base listing controls like radio buttons or dropdownlist for product options. But I changed my mind after the similar requirements were sent to our support team. I plan to make support for something like general listing control with transformation - this will allow you to specify design for each item like in CMS Repeater or CMS Datalist. The specification hasn't been prepared yet so I can't tell you neither how it will exactly work nor which version it will be included in.

jsalichos-gmail commented on

Hi Petr,

nice to meet you!

Your product is realy great and you are a very lucky guy to work for Kentico from the very beggining of your carrier.

I'd like to suggest something for Product options:
I think it would be very nice if it was able to format product options. if for example an option group is about color I would like to see different colors in a radio button group.



petr.vozak-kentico commented on

To Denish: The answer is quite simple. 1) Go to the Form tab of your blog and ensure that comments for your post are opened (Open comments for options: Always - comments are opened all the time, Disable - comments are disabled all the time, X days - number of days after publishing the post the comments will be closed) 2) Go to the Form tab of your post and ensure "Allow anonymous comments" is checked.

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

To NSmith: You will need to make several changes to your source code - Juraj Ondrus from our support team will send you the solution to your email. The problem was that we do not allow buying products with zero quantity by default. I will consider native support for this.

NSmith commented on

Hello Petr, I am customizing the ecommerce check out process on a site for a customer & they would like the ability to have all of the products already in the shopping cart by default & the allow the user to put in a units of zero but have the product stay on the screen.

I have the shopping cart loaded with products by default with this code:
if (!IsPostBack)
ShoppingCartInfo cartx = CMSContext.CurrentShoppingCart;
cartx.AddSKUUnitsToShoppingCart(1, 1);
cartx.AddSKUUnitsToShoppingCart(2, 1);
cartx.AddSKUUnitsToShoppingCart(3, 1);
cartx.AddSKUUnitsToShoppingCart(4, 1);
cartx.AddSKUUnitsToShoppingCart(5, 1);
cartx.AddSKUUnitsToShoppingCart(6, 1);
cartx.AddSKUUnitsToShoppingCart(7, 1);
CMSContext.CurrentShoppingCart = cartx;
Could you help me or give me further advice to accomplish what my customer wants?


Denish commented on

I created blogs. then that blog page is used on public site.when enduser(not login) is visit that page, he can see the comments but he is not able to write the comments.

how can its possible, so end user(not login) can write comments but can not edit and delete the comments.

In short same like your Blog Pagehttp://devnet.kentico.com/Blogs/Petr-Vozak/September-2008/Welcome-to-Ecommerce-blog.aspx#comments.

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

Hi Denish, I am not sure what you exactly mean by attaching file. Do you mean creating something like image gallery similar to product image gallery in Ecommerce starter site? Or you want to simple attach any file and create a link to that file in the text? Please give me more details. Thanks.

Denish commented on

Hi Peter, Thanks,I applied CSS for Blogs.
Is it possible to attach any file to Blogs?
if not is there any alternative to do?
I have done by Document type, but its not attching file into blogs.

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

Hi Denish, If you want to modify CSS, you need to modify current site stylesheet: Go to the Site manager -> Development -> CSS stylesheets and modify required styles. 2) Go to the Site manager -> Sites -> edit your site and set "Site CSS stylesheet" to that style sheet.

Denish commented on

Hi Peter, I found the Transformations as above. What I wants to write for the CSS(to apply Blogs) in Transformations?

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

Hi Denish, you need to modify transformations which are used by those repeaters: cms.blog.Description, cms.blog.SideColumn,
cms.blogpost.Archive, cms.blogpost.RecentPosts. 1) Go to the Site manager -> Development -> Document types 2) Select cms.blog or cms.blogpost document type 3) Click "Transformations" tab and modify required transformations.

Denish commented on

created ASPX Template fro the Blog.
I used Kentico Repeaters which are rptBlogDescription,
I wants to apply my CSS on that.
How its possible?

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

Hello Taru, it seems to be a bug in the design time of the cms repeater control. Anyway, the blog controls should work properly. Please install our Sample Corporate site ASPX. Go to the <your web project folder>\CMSTemplates\CorporateSiteASPX. There you can find page templates with blog controls in use: Blogs.aspx - template for list of blogs, Blog.aspx - template for blog detail.

Taru Tewari commented on

Hello Petr.Vozak,

I need ur help in using kenticoblogs on my page.Please tell me how i use kentico blogs user control in my page in solution explorer ,so that its work on my page in solution explorer not in kenticocms .I tried to drag and drop controls on my page but all times its show the same error like this-

Exception Details: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Source Error:

Line 716: protected void SetupControl()
Line 717: {
Line 718: if (this.StopProcessing)
Line 719: {
Line 720: this.repItems.StopProcessing = true;

Source File: c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\KenticoCMS\CMSWebParts\Viewers\cmsrepeater.ascx.cs Line: 718

Kindly tell me how i can use kentico blogs on my own page template so that its work properly at back end side and in kenticocms as well.

Have a beautiful day.
Taru Tewari

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

Yes. Only global administrator, blog owner or person with manage blog permission can modify comments on the live site. Other users are not allowed to do it. If you want users to be allowed to modify their comments, please locate file
<your web project folder>\CMSBlog\BlogCommentView.ascx.cs, go to line about 482 and modify it as follows: mBlogComment.ShowEditButton = (mBlogProperties.ShowEditButton && !CMSContext.CurrentUser.IsPublic() && (isUserAuthorized || CMSContext.CurrentUser.UserID == bci.CommentUserID)); Comments which were created by the current user will be displayed with "Edit" button then. You need to do the same in the Comment_Edit.aspx page which is the modal dialog where user can modify comment text. I hope it helps you. I will consider native support in blog comments view web part for this.

Sanket Trivedi commented on

Thanks for the guidance.
I achived to add the Blogs in ASPX Page(including Master Page).
Now when any End User add any comments for the particular Blog. but End User can't delete or edit the Comments. Only authorized person can edit or delete the comments.
How can I achive that?

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

Hi Sanket. Please install our Sample Corporate site ASPX. Go to the <your web project folder>\CMSTemplates\CorporateSiteASPX. There you can find Root.master - master page template, Blogs.aspx - template for list of blogs, Blog.aspx - template for blog detail. You can study and modify the code to follow your needs. Feel free to contact our support team if you need any further help.

Sanket Trivedi commented on

How can I add Blog in my ASPX template(including Master page)?

petr.vozak-kentico commented on

Hi Sanket. I am not sure what you mean by internally creating the ASPX, please send the detailed information and screenshots to support@kentico.com and our support team will help you to resolve these issues.

Sanket Trivedi commented on

I have created .aspx file with Master page in Visual Studio.
Now I am using that .ASPX file as a Template in Kentico. When I created Blogs into inherited ASPX template.
But Images are not displayed in Master page because Kentico internally created ASPX for Blogs and POST.
Please give me solution for that.

- Sanket