Better Checkout Process for Kentico CMS 8 - Your Ideas Are Welcome!

As we would like to deliver a more flexible checkout process for version 8, it would really help us to learn about your typical customizations of the process so we can prepare it for your custom scenarios. So, tell us about them!

Version 7

This is our default checkout process you can find in version 7:
Step 1 - Shopping cart content Step 2a - Registration check Step 2b - Customer summary Step 3 - Select billing and shipping address Step 4 - Select payment and shipping methods Step 5 - Order preview Step 6 - Payment

Version 8 - Share your ideas!

I'd like to ask you to share the following information to help us make our checkout process ready for most of your scenarios:

1) A short description of scenarios which now require customization of the default checkout process (e.g. due to the missing components or functionality, due to the unsuitable behavior or layout of the default components, etc.).

2) Your idea of the ideal default checkout process which would match most of your projects without a complete redesign. Tell us how many steps should have the default process. Short description of their content is also welcome. You can even attach a sketch if you want ;-)

We will appreciate receiving your ideas by filling in the form below.

The more details you give us, the more scenarios we can try to cover out of the box!

Thanks for helping us to improve the Kentico E-commerce Solution!
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Petr Vozak

Technology Partnership Product Owner at Kentico. He works with technology partners to enrich the Kentico product offering and bring greater value to those using our products.