Sell more with new Buy X, Get Y discounts

There are new cross-selling options in Kentico 8.1. Read further to learn how they can help you increase customer spending.

Although Kentico 8.1 is still under development, I would like to share some details about new cross-selling options you can look forward to in the Kentico E-commerce Solution .


First, let's do a little bit of theory. Cross-selling occurs when your customer buys a product and you sell them an additional product that relates to or complements the one they're already buying. The products cross-sold are usually smaller value items.

Cross-selling in Kentico 8

In Kentico 8, the following cross-selling options are available:
  • You can define related products that are displayed on the product detail page for each product
  • You can configure the system to display a list of products that other customers bought together with the product that is being viewed
  • You can use the Strands Recommender integration to provide automated cross-selling product recommendations based on the customer behavior

Cross-selling in Kentico 8.1

In Kentico 8.1 we are introducing new Buy X Get Y discounts that allow you to define cross-selling promotions in a more sophisticated way. Let me give you several examples of promotions that can be configured:
  • Buy one Adidas Zebra Crew t-shirt, get a second one at 50% off
  • Buy any electronics products, get Steve Jobs e-book free
  • Buy any 3 pieces of clothing, get the cheapest piece free

When it comes to the promotion parameters, you have a wide range of configuration options:

Distribution via coupon codes
In case you need to distribute any promotion via coupon codes, you can define the codes for each promotion easily, either by doing so manually, or by having them generated.

Customer targeting 
Promotion is available to all site visitors by default. On the other hand, you can set up the promotion so that it is aimed at registered users only, or to specific customer roles.

Auto-adding free items
When it comes to Buy A, get B for free promotion, you can configure it in a way so that the free item (product B) is added to the cart automatically together with product A.

Limiting number of discounted items
For each promotion, you can limit how many times it can be applied within one order to avoid getting many discounted or free items at once.

Of course, you can also set up the promotion validity to start or end it automatically.

And this is how it looks in the shopping cart. As you can see, there is a list of all the applied promotions below the cart content table.

As always, any feedback is appreciated! Thanks

We have prepared the Kentico 8.1 series, where we will keep you updated about the latest news regarding Kentico 8.1. From now on we will post more information about the latest additions to Kentico 8.1. Stay tuned for more.

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