Kentico UserVoice Update

Kentico UserVoice is one of the ways you can give us your suggestions for what you think should be improved in our product or services. We are currently working on a UserVoice update and would welcome your feedback to ensure that you (our customers) will really benefit from the planned changes.

What changes you can expect

As the number of new Kentico CMS features is still growing, we found the current way of organizing your suggestions unsuitable. That's why we would like to offer a better structure of ideas (see 1 and 2). We have also decided to review descriptions of all statuses to make them more informative and unified (see 3).

1) New structure of sections

You might have noticed that we have already changed the structure of available sections. Now it should be easier for you to find the most suitable section for your new idea or to search existing ideas.

There are 3 types of sections:
  • Documentation: Here you can find suggestions regarding our documentation
  • Features - XXX: Here you can find suggestions regarding the features and improvements of a specific part of Kentico CMS
  • Kentico - XXX: Here you can find suggestions regarding the services we provide

2) Categories

We plan to add the most popular categories for each section. Categories should help you to filter all suggestions for a specific feature or module within the given section.

For example:
If you are interested in listing suggestions for discount improvements in our E-commerce solution, you will be able to filter them by clicking Features - E-commerce section and then selecting the Discounts category.

Please note that most ideas are not yet categorized or still need to be moved to the correct new section!

3) New descriptions for idea statuses

As we would like to make it easier for you to read the idea statuses, we would like to standardize their descriptions.

Idea status and description

Statuses and their new descriptions we would like to use: 

Under review

  • This indicates that we are not able to process the idea based on the given information, so we need more details from the author or to do some research.
  • Status descriptions:
    • Waiting for customer feedback
    • Doing research
  • This means that we would like to integrate the suggested feature or improvement into our product, however we are not sure with which version. The only thing we are able to provide is its priority based on your votes, market research and other customer feedback we have so far:
    • Low priority - you should add more votes to the idea, if you see it as "must have"
    • High priority - it's highly probable it will be included in the following version
  • Status descriptions:
    • In some of the future versions (Low priority)
    • In some of the future versions
    • In some of the future versions (High priority)


  • This means that the development of the suggested feature or improvement has already begun and it will be included in the next version.
  • Status description:
    • Will be included in the next version


  • This indicates that we have already implemented it in a previous version.
  • Status descriptions:
    • Implemented in version X


  • This indicates that we do not see any reason to include the suggested feature or improvement in our product. An explanation for this is also added.


Give us your feedback!

These are our plans for the UserVoice update. What do you think about them?
  • Do you think that these changes will simplify your tasks on the Kentico UserVoice website?
  • Do you see the planned changes to the ideas structure (new sections and categories) to be helpful or do you have any suggestions regarding them?
  • Do you see the planned changes to the idea statuses to be helpful or do you have any suggestions regarding them?
  • Do you have any other suggestions regarding the Kentico UserVoice website?

Any feedback is really appreciated, just use the comments below.

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Petr Vozak

Technology Partnership Product Owner at Kentico. He works with technology partners to enrich the Kentico product offering and bring greater value to those using our products.