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As the guardian of the core layers of Kentico, I'm here to keep you up to date on the place where all Kentico features meet - the platform.

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Phoenix's on Fire!

Michal Kadák    —       —    Featured Article

Ladies and gentlemen, it's finally here. The official list of features that won't be included in the next, MVC-Only, version of the Kentico solution—Kentico 2020, codename Phoenix. Discard the drafts—no need to send more emails asking about it. Sit back, relax, and read about the modules that will burn.

Kentico EMS Technology Future

Michal Kadák    —       —    Featured Article

ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core MVC, MVC 5, .NET Standard. All of these technologies are going to play a significant role in the upcoming four years of Kentico EMS. The plan is still rough around the edges, but it is a long journey. Therefore, it's important to share the details we already know and give all of you a chance to express your ideas along the way.

Feed the Beast

Michal Kadák    —       —    Featured Article

Dogfooding is such a weird word. It doesn't sound like something even close to a good thing. Despite that lingual issue, it is the very best thing to do. And we did. However, we didn't do it because we wanted to test our product a little more. The reason behind it is way nobler.

All the Small Things vol. 1

Michal Kadák    —       —    Featured Article

Oh c'mon, don't tell me you believe we are not working on other things than the big ones from the roadmap. Sure we are. And it's unfair to leave them lying around without proper attention. Nobody puts our tweaks in a corner. #SmallThingsMatter

Version 10 Hails the Community

Michal Kadák    —       —    Featured Article

Marketplace, GitHub, NuGet, Ideas, all those channels have one simple goal. Reach out and shape the community around Kentico. We are very aware of how beneficial the community is for us. Even though it's not always on public display, we are doing our best to listen and give back. The last version and frankly the entire year makes no difference.

Seamless Custom Development in Kentico 10

Michal Kadák    —       —    Featured Article

Customization is Kentico's most powerful virtue. I've said that multiple times during my time here, and it's still a rock-solid truth. The ability to customize the hell out of it is a pillar stone for a superior platform. Kentico has gone pretty far with the actual extensibility and now we're pushing it even further with Team Development support and other useful tricks around Modularization.

Kentico 10 - Better Faster Stronger

Michal Kadák    —       —    Featured Article

Four hundred horsepower, insane torque, listening to the engine moaning out its song. Millions of people could relate to this. One day this mass of high octane consumers will realize they need to check your e-shop for a new GT supercharger, just because they are watching a motor show that was recently reborn. Thousands of page hits per second and two million new contacts in an hour. Can your rig handle it?

Less Code Is More

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Visual Studio 2015 is here for quite a while and C#6 as well. While I was going through the new features, I had this flashback. It's two years go. I'm sitting in front of the work desktop and wondering why the heck I must create a constructor to initialize my perfectly clean, one-lined property. That's one of the reasons I simply can't let the new syntax introduced with C#6 pass by. Auto-Property Initializers are just so damn good I want to open the old code files and delete all useless constructors. And that's not all.

Continuous Integration and Compare for Kentico

Michal Kadák    —       —    Featured Article

Developing an enterprise-level application is a challenging task for organizations. With multiple development environments and teams, ensuring that changes are tracked and migrated efficiently is paramount for the success of any project. Add source control integration, Agile development cycles, and ever-changing requirements, and it’s easy to see how managing these issues takes significant time and effort. Luckily, Kentico and BizStream have teamed up to offer two great solutions to the market: Continuous Integration and Compare for Kentico.

Giant Leap for Modularization

Michal Kadák    —       —    Article

All Kentico 8.X users are most likely familiar with the Modules application by now and also the way modules can be installed on various Kentico instances. If you are one of them, and you liked this feature in version 8.2, you will definitely love what we have done with it in version 9. For those who are not aware of this feature, it’s a perfect time to find out what it is all about. 

Team up, it’s easier that way

Michal Kadák    —       —    Featured Article

How many developers does it take to get the work done? Sometimes one is all you need. However, sometimes you have to build a team to achieve a bigger goal. The Internet is full of useful tools and principles for managing a team working on a big project. Continuous Integration is one of them. This article will extol its virtues and briefly describe how to use it in Kentico 9.

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