Less Code Is More


Visual Studio 2015 is here for quite a while and C#6 as well. While I was going through the new features, I had this flashback. It's two years go. I'm sitting in front of the work desktop and wondering why the heck I must create a constructor to initialize my perfectly clean, one-lined property. That's one of the reasons I simply can't let the new syntax introduced with C#6 pass by. Auto-Property Initializers are just so damn good I want to open the old code files and delete all useless constructors. And that's not all.

This new version comes with a ton of new ways in which to write code with fewer characters. Yes, sometimes I have the feeling I'm coding and obfuscating at the same time. But writing code with the new syntax — and still keeping it readable — is what makes you a great developer. Beside other things. However, with great syntax comes a big backward compatibility gap.

Here it is. The actual reason I'm reaching out to you. The compatibility. If you want to use C#6, you have to use Visual Studio 2015 or higher. And that's what will happen if we switch to C#6 in some of the upcoming versions of Kentico.

I would love to hear your opinion and also your plans for upgrading your development tools. Cast your vote below or leave a comment. It will be much appreciated.

What version of Visual Studio do you use?

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Michal Kadák

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