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  • Page syncs entire directory
    Jacob Mallach    —       —    Question

    Hello,I've a directory of about 100 pages. Every time I sync the single parent directory page it in turns syncs the ENTIRE directories child pages. I've not noticed this happening with other direct...

  • Unpublish Entire Directory of Webpages
    Jacob Mallach    —       —    Question

    Hello,We have a directory of aprox 150 pages that are connected to the workflow process which uses a staging sync to production flow. The entirety of this directory needs to be unpublished. I do no...

  • Workflow Comments
    Sally Schmidt    —       —    Question

    We have an advanced workflow set up with several steps. The elipses show next to the step name on the Pages app, but nothing happens when clicking on them. I would expect the option to add comments...

  • applying workflow to page
    Ethan Nguyen    —       —    Question

    Hi all, How to applying/adding a workflow to a page via code-behind. Thank you

  • Set workflow to page
    Ethan Nguyen    —       —    Question

    Hi All, How to apply/set a workflow to a page/node via API I have referred to the document however I have not found...

  • Proceed for approval the page
    Ethan Nguyen    —       —    Question

    How to allow a user with a Privilege level is Editor to proceed for approval of the page using custom workflow.

  • Apply same Workflow on different Page types
    Mohamad Ramadan    —       —    Question

    Hello We have a scenario as followswe have 2-page types Articles Quizzesthe Quizzes page type created below the articles on the tree menuas a requirement, we need the quizzes page type to take the ...

  • Customize EMS workflow
    Ethan Nguyen    —       —    Question

    Hi All, To customize the workflow as per below.Editor user: person A, person B Approver user: person A, person B First level approver: Person A cannot approve edits made by own self, only person B ...

  • How do you change the workflow set on a directory?
    Jacob Mallach    —       —    Question

    Hello,I have a directory assigned to workflow #2 and needs to be assigned to workflow #3. How does one go about changing a directories workflow after one has already been set?Thanks for the help.

  • Page Check in issue
    Wei Wang    —       —    Question

    Hello,I have trouble checking in a page. We use basic workflow. Other pages have no such problem. Not sure what is wrong with this page.When I try to checkin this page, I got error saying: An error...