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Jacob Mallach asked on September 3, 2021 19:12


I've a directory of about 100 pages. Every time I sync the single parent directory page it in turns syncs the ENTIRE directories child pages. I've not noticed this happening with other directories, but then i've not really tested it either. Logically speaking i'd like to sync the single parent page while not simultaneously pushing all it's children to production. These pages are connected to workflow which has steps to sync with staging and then finally production.

Would anyone have feedback on what is happening here?

Thanks for the help.

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Brian McKeiver answered on September 4, 2021 18:12

There are a few different options to sync just a single page at a time in the tree. In the Content Staging app you can push one page by clicking the specific page and then clicking Synchronize selected button for that page. You can also create Staging tasks for one page only via the API. It sounds like your workflow may be configured to do too much?

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Juraj Ondrus answered on September 6, 2021 09:43

Could you please describe in more details what actions are done when "Every time I sync the single parent directory page" - so we can get bigger picture? And also, what is the workflow step for the sync setup? It seems you have configured the workflow step to synchronize everything instead of one particular page - isn't it possible you have the "Include child pages" checked in the step configuration? Sample screen shot.

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