All the Small Things vol2


...dary. Half of the tweaks are successfully summarized in the prequel blog post. I can't stop this feeling that it's the right time to unveil the second half and make it complete.

Clean Version History

Something light for the starter. Some of our users expressed the struggle with a bloating database due to uncontrolled object versioning. Kentico 10 has a little tweak to clean up the unwanted mess in version history simply by setting the limits. You can check out the video below to see automatic cleaning after lowering the limit from twenty to only two versions.

Generate as Partial

Another interesting idea was an approach to generate code files as partial classes. This way, a second file can be used to extend it, and it's preventing any custom properties or methods from being overwritten if a new file is saved from Kentico. After a swift discussion, we decided to make it happen. Even though the idea was practically invisible due to the vote count, it didn't stay ignored. Sometimes the cost/benefit ratio is just right.

I/E Search

The next video is presenting one very useful gem, searchability in import and export dialog. This one should easily find a lot of admirers. Nuff Said.

Object Type Name - Object Type Codename List

Did you notice the second part of the previous video? The list of object type names and corresponding codenames is useful every time you are configuring behavior depending on the specific object type. However, we went further with it. You can find an object hierarchy in detail, of any object type. It should be a very handy tool for developers with the aspiration to customize the hell out of the Kentico.

Excluding Items from Event Log

Who likes Regex anyway? The old way to get rid of unnecessary entries in the event log was a complex Regex. That time is over. Kentico 10 has a new customization model for excluding items from the event log. Just check the documentation page.

"Field is not saved" Check in Class Wizard


I stopped counting how many times I have hit the next button in a class wizard without saving new field. The field data was lost, and I had to do it again. A good reason to push the UX the right way and implement a safety check which will tell me to save it first.

Macro VisitedSite

Oh, Marketers. They want to do stuff when a customer has not visited a site or on the contrary when he or she has. Fortunately, we have a bunch of nice guys working in the Online Marketing department. Thanks to them we have a new macro VisitedSite which will help you to create the proper condition in your marketing automation process. As always, you will find the "how" in our documentation.

Favicon Support

Extended favicon support is the last tweak before the honorable mentions. In the version of Kentico that you are currently installing, because the only reason you are not is that you already did, you can specify multiple favicons per site or leave it without a favicon if you so desire. However, you probably very much know that in the world of visual rush through multiple devices you're better off with a bunch of favicons. Check out how to set them up and reach the favicon mastery.

Honorable Mentions

Time to wrap up this tour de tweaks with some honorable mentions. Description Field for email templates is now available for your notes and remarks. You don't have to remember the purpose of the email template or macros that are in it. Just write the information down and carpe diem. We are still on the road to making the UI friendlier and information visible. That's why we've added the Redirect URL column in the domain aliases list view or Privilege level into the search in Users application. Another journey was the unification of supported email length. All emails' fields were checked and can hold emails with 254 characters. In case you are messing with the base design, there's a new blank less file for customizations. This less file won't be overwritten and remains referenced in the main less file. The very last novelty is a new text property in Checkbox Form Control, which will allow you to set the checkbox text, so you don't have to stick with a label in our generated forms.

And that's all folks. There are more hidden gems inside some fixes and UX improvements, but nothing that special that it deserves a spotlight. If you find something not already listed, let me know in the comment below. Hope you've found something special among the small things, and please keep the ideas coming via the

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