Kentico 8.2 Now Also Runs on Windows 10


Old dogs can learn new tricks after all

As you may know, Microsoft has launched a new version of their operating system, Windows 10. Everyone running on Windows 7 or 8 should have received an invitation by now to install an upgrade to the newest version.

Even though Kentico 8.2 was released six months before Windows 10, we have managed to re-release it (with fixes taking care of major issues) for the new operating system. Kentico does not support running Kentico 8.2 on Windows 10, and you could notice some issues when using the new Microsoft Edge browser. However, Kentico 8.2 is ready for installation and evaluation.

The next version of Kentico, Kentico 9, which is coming later this year, will fully support Windows 10 as well as Microsoft Edge.

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Michal Kadák

As the guardian of the core layers of Kentico, I'm here to keep you up to date on the place where all Kentico features meet - the platform.


pmcdigital commented on

I haven't either, and am running TFS Online, and VS 2015 without any glitches.

Shannon care to expand on the issues you're having with VS 2015? I may be able to help.

Please note I'm running Web application mode with Portal development.

Shannon Dunn commented on

I haven't seen much in the way of issues with Windows 10 and Kentico 8.2. It runs just fine. Its more how Visual Studio 2015 and Kentico 8.2 operate together where I have seen issues.