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I'm Online Marketing Product Owner and I'm writing mainly about Kentico features such as Contact management, Marketing automation, E-mail marketing, A/B testing, etc.

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Get More Sales-ready Leads

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I'd like to invite you to Kentico’s latest webinar - on lead nurturing, held August 04, 2015, between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM EDT. Find out the most effective nurturing techniques, best practices in implementing a lead-nurturing program, and learn some tips and tricks about using lead nurturing in Kentico.

Import contacts from a file

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If you are using multiple tools to manage your leads, contacts and recipients, it can be a headache to sync them, import them and reuse them across all the platforms in use. Kentico 8.2 gives you a helping hand – you are able to easily import Contacts from a CSV file, segment them and leverage them in the system.

New in Kentico 8: Strands recommender integration

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With the upcoming release of Kentico 8, you will be able to provide your website visitors Amazon-like product recommendations in real time. With Strands recommendations, you can individually recommend products to your shoppers using "People who bought this also bought", "Best sellers this week" and other widgets. We bring you built-in integration with Strands recommender.

Content A/B split testing improvements

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A/B tests have been available in Kentico EMS since version 6 and with the upcoming version 8 we bring you many improvements:
  • comprehensive overview of test results
  • statistical confidence of the test
  • additional statistics and options

Impact of (not provided) and cached Gmail images on marketing campaigns in Kentico

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Google recently made two major changes which may impact your on-line marketing campaigns running on Kentico. We will look into the details of these changes and review how they will impact data available within Kentico. One of the changes is not providing search keywords for organic search queries leading to your web site. The second change is caching images for Gmail users. Connector Updated

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We have made a major change to the connector after reviewing the licensing options available for development models. As of now you need to have v7 installed with the latest hotfix applied (7.0.44 or newer) to be able to use the connector. The connector is currently available in v7 in the default installation.

Delete inactive contacts

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The Contact management module generates a great amount of data, especially if you run a high-traffic website. Contacts are being created in large quantities. Some of those contacts might visit your website just once for a short moment and never return back. These contacts might not be interesting for your marketers; in fact, these contacts might hinder your work. This article will show you how to set rules for automatic deleting of inactive contacts.

Updating contact's profile manually

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This article gives you instructions on how to update contact’s profile in Online marketing module. Contact’s information is being updated automatically as corresponding visitor performs certain actions on a live site (such as user login) or by submitting forms. However, you might want to fill in additional information about current contact. Example would be mapping visitor’s IP to a city using external service or updating contact’s job title according to visitor’s landing page.

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