Activity settings overview

This article describes differences and impact of all settings available in On-line marketing - Activities.
Logging of Activities is a process which is influenced by a number of settings. These settings include site settings, document settings, module settings and visitor settings. This article should help you understand differences between them so that you are able to turn on and off exactly what you need for your site.

You can imagine Activity settings as a matrix with 4 dimensions. Each dimension is one type of settings (site-, document-, module- and visitor settings). If one type of setting is turned off then Activity logging won't be working for specific type no matter what other settings are set to. For example you might turn on logging of Activities for specific document but other documents on your site won't be logging any Activities.

Site settings

These are located in Site manager -> Settings -> (select global settings or specific site settings) -> On-line marketing -> Contact management -> Activities.
Here you can find settings which have impact on whole site. You can inherit from global settings or you can set specific settings just for given site.
There are two types of settings:
  • General settings which turn on/off logging of Activities completely. These are 'Enable on-line marketing' (located in On-line marketing section) and 'Log activities' (located in On-line marketing -> Contact management -> Activities section).
  • Activity type settings. These turn on/off logging of specific Activity type on a site. You can select from settings such as Page visits, Newsletter subscriptions, Requesting support chat, etc.

Document settings

These are located in CMS Desk -> Content -> (select specific document) -> Properties -> Log on-line marketing activity setting. You can inherit setting for specific document from its parent document setting. Therefore you can turn on/off logging of Activities for whole branch of documents on your site with just one click.

Module settings

If you turn on logging of Activities for specific Activity type you can turn on/off logging of Activities for certain items in influenced module. For example 'On-line form submission' setting (CMS Site manager -> Settings -> On-line marketing -> Contact management -> Activities) enables you to turn on/off logging of form submission Activities. However you might decide that you want to log these activities only for one specific form on your web site and not for other forms. In order to do that you will go to CMS Desk -> Tools -> Forms -> (select form) -> On-line marketing tab. There is a checkbox 'Log on-line marketing activity'. This way you can select which forms in the module will be tracking Activities.

Other examples of module settings are:
  • Message boards (CMS Desk -> Tools -> Message boards -> (select message board) -> General -> 'Log on-line marketing activity' setting)
  • Newsletters (CMS Desk -> Tools -> Newsletters -> (select newsletter) -> Configuration -> 'Log on-line marketing activities' setting)
  • Forums (CMS Desk -> Tools -> Forums -> (select forum) -> General -> 'Log on-line marketing activity' setting)

Visitor settings

These enable to turn on/off settings for specific visitor. A site visitor is represented by two different objects in Kentico CMS: User and Contact.
  • User's setting enable to turn on/off logging of Activities for specific User. Therefore if one User will be assigned to multiple Contacts (for example by manual assignment) none of the assigned Contacts will be logging any Activities. You can find setting in question here: CMS Desk -> Administration -> Users -> (select user) -> Settings -> 'Log activities' setting
  • Contact's setting enable to turn on/off logging of Activities for specific Contact. You can find this setting in CMS Desk -> On-line marketing -> Contacts -> (select contact) -> General -> 'Track activities' setting

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Applies to: Kentico CMS 6.0 and newer
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