Activity logging troubleshooting list

If the visitors tracking is not working, this article provides a list of settings you should check.
Logging of activities in on-line marketing was created as a complex system which enables to turn on and off specific parts of the on-line marketing system. For example – administrator of a web site is able to log activities only for certain users, for certain documents, for certain activity types, etc. This width and depth of the settings gives a lot of power to control activity logging. On the other hand it might give you some trouble to actually run tracking of visitors on your site. 

If you are unable to run tracking of visitors you can check this list before you actually contact Kentico support.
  1. 'Enable on-line marketing' setting is checked for the site in question (Site manager -> Settings -> On-line marketing -> Contact management -> Activities)
  2. 'Log activities' setting is checked for the site in question (Site manager -> Settings  -> On-line marketing -> Contact management -> Activities)
  3. 'Page visits' and other activity types are checked for the site in question (Site manager -> Settings -> On-line marketing -> Contact management -> Activities)
  4. 'Log activities' setting is checked for Public Anonymous User (Site manager -> Administration -> Users -> 'Public Anonymous user' -> Settings)
  5. 'Log on-line marketing activity' setting is checked for pages in question (CMS Desk -> Content -> (select page) -> Properties)
  6. Activities have been processed by scheduled task 'Proces activities log' (1 minute delay) or you are using immediate logging of Activities (you have placed <add key="CMSLogActivityImmediatelyToDB" value="true"/> key to your web.config)
  7. You don’t see any exceptions in the Event log (Site manager -> Administration -> Event log)
  8. You have tested anonymous visitors on your web site (to make sure that Activity logging is working for anonymous visitors)
    • You are logged off your web site (anonymous visitor)
    • You have deleted cookies (delete cookies for the browser then close browser and finally reopen browser to make sure that cookies were deleted)
    • You are in Live site mode (you don’t see any toolbar at the top of the page stating that you are in Preview mode)
  9. You have valid EMS license for domains/domain aliases for the site in question with all Kentico CMS modules installed
  10. You haven’t done any customization which might have impact on logging of Activities

If none of the above helps then it is time to contact Kentico support. Please, don’t forget to state following things in your message:
  1. Describe the problem in depth with additional details such as settings you have tested, etc.
  2. Development model you are using (Portal page templates / ASPX templates / MVC)
  3. If any other On-line marketing modules are working on your site
  4. What kind of code customizations have you done (page caching, etc.)
  5. What version of Kentico CMS are you using + applied hotfix version
  6. If it is possible to see settings of your website (export package of the site, access to the site, etc.)

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Applies to: Kentico CMS 6.0 and newer
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