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The Contact management module generates a great amount of data, especially if you run a high-traffic website. Contacts are being created in large quantities. Some of those contacts might visit your website just once for a short moment and never return back. These contacts might not be interesting for your marketers; in fact, these contacts might hinder your work. This article will show you how to set rules for automatic deleting of inactive contacts.

Prerequisities: Please make sure that you have Kentico CMS 6.0.7 hotfix applied.

Scheduled task - Delete inactive contacts

There is a global scheduled task called Delete inactive contacts. This task runs a separate deleting process for each site which has the On-line marketing -> Delete inactive contacts settings key enabled. (The setting is disabled by default.) The scheduled task is predefined to run on a weekly basis. It runs in a separate thread and the actual process of deleting contacts runs on the SQL server, therefore the load on your web server is minimal.

Rules for deleting contacts

Rules are specified by settings in the On-line marketing -> Delete inactive contacts section. At least one setting must be set. The bottom setting containing the drop-down list (Contact is anonymous) is considered as "not set" when the default value is selected. You can set different rules for different sites or enable deleting on some sites and turn it off on others.

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Applies to: Kentico CMS 6.0.7 and later
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