Email marketing usability enhancements

One of our ongoing efforts is improving the user experience and the interface so that editors’ and marketers’ tasks can be done faster and more easily. In Kentico 8.2, we have focused our efforts on Email marketing.
Yes, that’s correct – Email marketing, not Newsletters. Newsletters were renamed to Email marketing based on your feedback that the functionality available in Kentico is actually much more than just sending newsletters.

So this is the current terminology used in Kentico:
  • Email marketing (formerly Newsletters) – represents the module for sending emails.
  • Email campaign (formerly Newsletter) – a series of emails grouped together. These can be emails used in automated campaigns via Marketing automation, Newsletter emails for which web site visitors subscribe, or one-off campaign emails.
  • Email (formerly Issue) – a single email message, part of an Email campaign.

Kentico 8.1 (module is called Newsletters)

Kentico 8.2 (rearranged module Email marketing)

Also, the whole application was rearranged, resulting in moving the Import&Export of subscribers directly under the Subscribers tab.
Newsletter queue was hidden and we plan to remove it completely in the next major version. Reason is that almost same functionality is available in the Email queue apllication. Our research shows that this won’t have a negative impact on how you work with Email campaigns and if you have a different opinion please let us know in comments below.
Finally, creating a new email opens an editing area directly in the application, not in a popup window as before. This results to more editing space for email content.

To summarize:
  • Newsletters were renamed to Email marketing
  • Newsletter queue is now hidden and will be removed eventually (give us feedback)
  • The application was rearranged a bit so that tasks are more straightforward now
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Vita Janecek

I'm Online Marketing Product Owner and I'm writing mainly about Kentico features such as Contact management, Marketing automation, E-mail marketing, A/B testing, etc.


Vita Janecek commented on

Hi Kristina,
how to create landing pages is part of our talk in regards to developing the product. We will either create set of best practices how you can do that without upgrading Kentico and/or will enhance Marketing module so that you can easily link it with your campaigns. I'd like to invite you to where you can ask for this feature and see how many supporters it gets and see progress of work on it once we will start.
Thank you, Vita

Kristina commented on

Will there be any development in the Online Marketing module to also create landing pages? Most email providers out there like Hubspot and Act-On automatically allow the users to simultaneously create landing pages for their campaigns. Being that they are a big part of online marketing I would like to know if there is any talk about a template being added in the Marketing Module.