Import contacts from a file

If you are using multiple tools to manage your leads, contacts and recipients, it can be a headache to sync them, import them and reuse them across all the platforms in use. Kentico 8.2 gives you a helping hand – you are able to easily import Contacts from a CSV file, segment them and leverage them in the system.
Let’s do a tour of that import!

Select a CSV file
  1. A ‘Contact import’ feature is now available in the Contact management application.
  2. Select a site where you want to import contacts.
  3. Then, select a CSV file which meets the described conditions. CSV file export from Excel spreadsheet, Google Docs or MailChimp will be working fine. You just need to make sure that your culture-specific settings use comma for data separation.
Map columns from a CSV file into Contacts
  1. Once a CSV file is selected, it immediately displays preview of a couple of the top rows, so that you can map the columns from a CSV file to Contact records in Kentico.
  2. Also, you can select into which Contact group the Contacts will be assigned to.
Import is finished
  1. Click the ‘Import contacts’ button and import will commence. Even a larger amount of imported Contacts won’t be a problem, as the process is blazingly fast. This is because it smartly removes any unused columns and uploads just pure data.
  2. Once finished, you can leverage Contacts across the system for sending emails, content personalization and other marketing activities.

Let’s recap:
  • Connect various sources of your leads using the Contact import functionality
  • Segment Contacts immediately in the import process
  • Preview the CSV file and map it to Kentico Contacts
  • Upload instantly!
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Vita Janecek

I'm Online Marketing Product Owner and I'm writing mainly about Kentico features such as Contact management, Marketing automation, E-mail marketing, A/B testing, etc.


Vita Janecek commented on

Hi Kristina,
Yes - new custom fields can be easily mapped in similar fashion as default fields. You'll just pick your custom field and assign it to a column from a CSV file. In terms of upgrading - not sure if I understand your question correctly. But upgrading should generally be done by your developers based on customizations of the installation. In the upgrade package there are instructions how to do this.
Cheers, Vita

Kristina commented on

Hi -

I currently have Kentico 8.1 and find the marketing module to be so far very difficult. This seems to be a little bit more user friendly. When you go to import a batch and match fields, can you easily map new custom fields? Also is there a way to demo this upgrade?