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Hi! I am a Developer Evangelist here at Kentico and my aim is to provide guidance and solutions for the technical community around both Kentico EMS and Kentico Cloud. I can also help with drinking beer.

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New Azure BLOB Storage Provider for Kentico

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Azure is the best way how you can host Kentico sites. It provides you with great tools, easy deployment options, high availability and many more features. BLOB storage is then the convenient place to store all binary files. The standard provider for BLOB storage available in Kentico CMS comes with strict limitations, but that has changed now.

Hello from new Developer Evangelist

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Hello! After over 3 and a half years working for Kentico among my colleagues in Customer Success team, and having helped hundreds of partners and clients, I felt there was a different way for me to help the company fulfill its purpose.

Search for Media Libraries

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Search is an essential functionality on all modern websites. In Kentico, we use Lucene.NET file system based search indexes to support our search functionality. The performance and capabilities of these search indexes are impressive, and when we add extensibility and flexibility into the mix, the results are outstanding. So what if we apply all this to Media Libraries and also enable searching through binary files like PDFs?

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