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  • Search Results based on User Roles
    Aden Tutton    —       —    Question

    Hi All,I have a group of search results which currently gather pages from a number of categories branching off a parent page (breeds of animal). What I would like to do is to filter the search resu...

  • Search HTML
    Yutaro Kataoka    —       —    Question

    Hello, Since I want to replace the link URL outside the site, I want to be able to search inside the HTML.I read an article on page crawler.

  • Improving Search in Kentico 11 with Azure Search
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    Everyone’s been to a site with truly awful search. You have an idea of what you are looking for, but no clue as to where to start. You click on the Search link and are taken to a box, with little else. Sure, you can get some results there, but we’ve all seen a list with “Page 1 of 1,580” at the bottom. Not very helpful, is it? Before you go throwing your monitor across the room, I’m happy to tell you that Kentico 11 is going to support Faceted Search! Long gone are the days of your users sifting through the abyss in search of their content. With Version 11’s Azure Search integration, you’ll be able to build an intuitive (and USABLE) search experience, no matter the content.

  • Search for Media Libraries
    Ondrej Polesny    —       —    Article

    Search is an essential functionality on all modern websites. In Kentico, we use Lucene.NET file system based search indexes to support our search functionality. The performance and capabilities of these search indexes are impressive, and when we add extensibility and flexibility into the mix, the results are outstanding. So what if we apply all this to Media Libraries and also enable searching through binary files like PDFs?

  • Retaining the value of search filter
    Naresh Ede    —       —    Question

    Hi I have search filter, whose value need to retained when the post back is done.

  • Kentico Custom Lucene Index with multiple facets that are similar - how to query?
    user6383418    —       —   

    I have created a custom index that stores multiple extra fields that I use to filter by. Say for example I am storing some facets to select Kite colors. Some kites have one color, others have multi...

  • Searching with spelling difference in cultures
    Aden Tutton    —       —    Question

    HiI'm just asking to see if Kentico has the functionality to include spelling difference in cultures to include the same information? e.g. Haematological using English-GB spelling to include result...

  • Tips and Tricks for Kentico Search Boosting
    Rui Wang    —       —    Article

    People do more searching than browsing today. You are likely already using strategies for optimizing SEO on external search engines, but what about your site’s own search? I have seen many people ask about search boosting in Kentico, but the solutions were either not clear or required custom coding, making it hard for marketers to boost results. I recently worked with three partners/clients on Kentico smart search, and boosting results was a common request. In this article, I’ll share some tips and tricks for search boosting in Kentico without custom coding, and I hope you can benefit from them.

  • 5 Tips for Making Your Kentico Development a Little Easier
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    Everyone loves tips and tricks. Whether it’s a cool Netflix hack to view hidden titles or words of wisdom about the snow, it’s the little things that make a task easier that really brighten your day. In keeping with the same theme, let me tell you about a few Kentico tricks you may not have known.

  • Search Errors with SSL Cert
    Mike Bilz    —       —    Question

    Hello Kentico Team,I recently set up my site to use SSL for Administration, along with a few other security additions.However, after getting all of this set up I noticed that my site's Search Tool ...