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  • Improving Search in Kentico 11 with Azure Search
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    Everyone’s been to a site with truly awful search. You have an idea of what you are looking for, but no clue as to where to start. You click on the Search link and are taken to a box, with little else. Sure, you can get some results there, but we’ve all seen a list with “Page 1 of 1,580” at the bottom. Not very helpful, is it? Before you go throwing your monitor across the room, I’m happy to tell you that Kentico 11 is going to support Faceted Search! Long gone are the days of your users sifting through the abyss in search of their content. With Version 11’s Azure Search integration, you’ll be able to build an intuitive (and USABLE) search experience, no matter the content.

  • Facetting SearchParameters
    Kenny Deblaere    —       —    Question

    HelloI'm currently looking to build a filter in code. I've created a query with SearchParameters, working correctly. I have a list with checkboxes, to select my items. When I select a box, I make a...

  • facet example
    merav tg    —       —    Question

    Hey In the link below they say- @You can find examples of search filters on the sample Corporate Site on the Examples -@ Web parts -@ Full-text search -@ Smart search -@ Smart search filter and Fa...

  • Showing the number of search result in new each facet
    Reza Zareian Fard    —       —    Question

    I have faceted search and I want to show the number of result of the search term for each facet. For example if user search @Tax@ I want to show how many items we do have in each category which con...