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  • How to Create a Speedy Site Search Worth Celebrating With Algolia
    Eric Dugre    —       —    Article

    As an Xperience user, you may already be familiar with our Smart Search and Azure Search options, but perhaps you’re looking for something different. We’re happy to announce that we’re expanding our robust search functionality by adding Algolia to the family! This sleek search service has been climbing the ranks as one of the top search APIs in the world, and you can now easily create and configure Algolia search indexes in your Xperience websites!

  • Facetting SearchParameters
    Kenny Deblaere    —       —    Question

    HelloI'm currently looking to build a filter in code. I've created a query with SearchParameters, working correctly. I have a list with checkboxes, to select my items. When I select a box, I make a...

  • facet by price
    merav tg    —       —    Question

    Hi,my search result have a smart search result web part and i also have facet web parts and smart search filter web part (Total of 3 web parts that use the smart search result web part). in all the...