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merav tg asked on April 25, 2016 14:32


my search result have a smart search result web part and i also have facet web parts and smart search filter web part (Total of 3 web parts that use the smart search result web part). in all the Filter auto postback value is enabled.

1 facet web part that look at page type is working 1 facet web part that filter by price is not working, values are: SKUPrice;[(double)0 TO (double)50];$0 - $50 SKUPrice;[(double)50 TO (double)250];$50 - $250 SKUPrice;[(double)250 TO (double)5000];$250 - $5000 * when marking a facet all values disappear.

and 1 smart search filter that is not working and has the following order: SKUName ASC;;By name: A to Z SKUName DESC;;By name: Z to A SKUPrice ASC;;price: low to high SKUPrice DESC;;price: high to low

*when choosing an option the page "refresh" but no new order is applied on the product list.

please advise,

thank you

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