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  • Can we deploy kentico application in google cloud ??
    Krishna n    —       —    Question

    Can we deploy kentico application in google cloud with media library integration ????

  • Warming-Up Kentico in Azure Cloud Services
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    Azure Cloud Services continues to be a great option for times when companies want to add an additional level of control over their applications when deploying to the cloud. With this model, developers package their applications and server configurations and then push them to Azure storage. From there, Microsoft creates a new server based on the configuration, then deploys the application. This process automates many of the administrative tasks and allows the developer to solely focus on their own sites.

    When deploying Kentico to this platform (or nearly any other cloud platform), there is an initial hit to performance as the site is compiled. This can result in a delayed initial response to the first request to the site. Luckily, Azure Cloud Services offers some functionality to reduce this hit. In this blog, I’ll show you how to warm up your sites when deploying Kentico to Microsoft’s PaaS platform.

  • Kentico Receives Significant Microsoft Award
    Karol Jarkovsky    —       —    Article

    “Microsoft Award 2015 – CEO’s Award for Cloud Solutions with an International Reach”
    On 9th April, at the 17th Microsoft Awards, Kentico proudly received a very special award from the CEO of Microsoft in the Czech Republic. In this contest for companies that develop solutions and applications on the Microsoft platform, Kentico has been recognized as one of the most active partners in the region. 

  • AD Authentication on cloud
    arediey ismail    —       —    Question

    Hello, i am trying to build intranet and authenticate users using their Windows account. I have successfully authenticate users in my local environment since my machine already connected to domain....

  • Enable Internet / Public Access to the Kentico Site
    Naveen Kumar Vijayakumar    —       —    Question

    I have setup the trail licence Kentico on Amazon EC2 instance; I am able to access the site / CMS from localhost [ doing an RD ] - however accessing the site over the public internet via/ the insta...

  • Redeploy All Files to Cloud Storage After Implementing within Kentico
    Gabriel Fuller    —       —    Question

    I had a Kentico site that I was using at first without any cloud storage. Now that I have switched to Amazon S3 using their documentation (

  • Are you ready? Introduction to Cloud Computing and Windows Azure
    Thomas Robbins    —       —    Video Article

    Windows Azure is an internet scale cloud computing and services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers, which provides an operating system and a set of developer services which can be used individually or together. It gives developers the choice to build web application; applications running on connected devices, PCs or servers; or hybrid solutions offering the best of both worlds.  Don’t miss this session to learn what cloud computing is and what Windows Azure provides.
    Speaker: Vince Mayfield, CEO Bit-Wizards

  • Migrating Website To Cloud
    Karol Jarkovsky    —       —    Video Article

    With all the buzz around cloud computing these days, it is no surprise that more and more clients consider cloud as a replacement for their current infrastructure.

    You are looking towards sky, but do you really know what it takes to migrate existing Kentico website to the cloud? Join Karol, our Consulting Services Manager, in this session full of best practices and recommendations for migration to the Windows Azure platform.

  • Kentico & Auto-Scale
    Karol Jarkovsky    —       —    Article

    We all know cloud is great, and Kentico agrees. We are trying hard to make our system easy-to-adapt to various cloud scenarios to improve scalability and stability of your solution. I was working on several cloud deployments recently, and wanted to throw some basic concepts for auto-scaling configuration at you.

  • Making the move to Windows Azure – Building a Kentico Windows Azure Practice (case study)
    Thomas Robbins    —       —    Video Article

    ***Secretly Recorded at Kentico Connections 2012 ***

     So you know Kentico CMS, but want to understand how to leverage Windows Azure and the Cloud to increase options for your customers. Vince Mayfield, CEO of Bit-Wizards and Microsoft Virtual Technology Specialist for Windows Azure will explain Windows Azure and how to sell it and make a profitable business practice to produce highly available and highly scalable web sites with Kentico CMS deployed on Windows Azure.