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Hello! After over 3 and a half years working for Kentico among my colleagues in Customer Success team, and having helped hundreds of partners and clients, I felt there was a different way for me to help the company fulfill its purpose.

ondrejI have received many thankful emails over the years which have always made me feel great knowing that a proposed solution actually solved someone's problem. They let me know that both partners and customers were happy with our products. Naturally, I was asking myself how to increase this positive impact and how to show many people who do not know Kentico yet that it can be a solution for them, too. That is when I discovered the Developer Evangelist role.

20 years ago, when I was playing around with JavaScript for the first time (yes, I was a kid :-)), having a simple confirmation dialog was pretty much as far as it went for me. And of course, the usage of JS was frowned upon back then. About 6 years ago, when I first used Angular on a real project, I remember arguing with a dev friend over a beer about how future websites should look like. He did not really like the idea of having a JS-based website getting data by REST API. Serverless sounded like beerless to him.

Look where we are now and how JavaScript is popular! With so many JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue or Angular, it is truly amazing what is possible these days. Check out the number of tools and libraries that enable every single piece of functionality you can think of. And not just on websites.

With that being said, I will be mainly focusing on the rapidly increasing front-end development field. I am looking forward to learning about real projects. I am eager to find out how JavaScript is helping you go headless and how Kentico Cloud can support your daily tasks. I will try my best to highlight the most interesting pieces of information and bring you as many tips and tricks as I can. With Bryan Soltis on the team and Kentico MVPs just around the corner, I am sure we will have a lot fun! So don't hesitate, get a beer and join us!

If you want to get in touch with me, just ping me on ondrejp@kentico.com or use any of the social media channels noted below or in my profile.

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Ondrej Polesny

Hi! I am a Developer Evangelist here at Kentico and my aim is to provide guidance and solutions for the technical community around both Kentico EMS and Kentico Cloud. I can also help with drinking beer.