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Are You Ready for a New Chapter?

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In 2010, Kentico kicked off the Kentico Connection conferences bringing our partners and customers together and making them a true part of the Kentico family. From cities such as Melbourne, Prague, Orlando, London, Boston, through to the 17th and final Connection in our home city of Brno in 2015, Kentico Connection kicked ass! But now, it is time for a whole new beginning. Now, it is time for Connection’s bigger and badder brother, 404, Kentico’s brand new global conference for Digital Marketing and Website Development.

Can’t See the Bugs for the Trees!

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In a spring month that is predictably unpredictable, Kentico’s biannual Trees for Bugs celebration was lucky enough to land on a warm and (partly) sunny Saturday in the middle of April. It was a day dedicated to righting software wrongs, and the earth got a little greener and cleaner.

Celebrate the Birth of Genetics with Kentico!

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July 20, 2015, marked 150 years since Gregor Johann Mendel, Augustinian Monk, delivered a lecture that would come to re-shape the world of science as it was known. A beekeeper and gardener, Mendel presented his findings about the inheritance of various traits from one set of pea plants to another, how some traits were dominant and other were recessive when two plants were bred together. This discovery formed the basis of what we know now as “genetics”.

Kentico Time Capsule

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What does the future hold, where will life take you, who will be famous, how many technologies will last the test of time? Does anybody really know what lies ahead? The only thing for sure is that, through genetics, the future will be influenced by the present.

Brno is a Centre of Excellence. And Kentico Proves it.

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Welcome to Brno - the city that blends a rich history with modern innovation. Situated in the heart of Europe, Brno is a hub of universities, businesses, and technology that puts it in a league of its own as a Centre of Excellence.

Kentico rolls out brand new theatre-style stand at TFM&A

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We are again exhibiting at TFM&A showcasing our web content and integrated digital marketing platform, this time with help from our partners. Six Gold partners – Distinction, i3 Digital, MMT Digital, NetConstruct, Ridgeway and Unified Solutions – will be presenting case study and best practice sessions on the Kentico stand in a specially designed theatre area – complete with popcorn!

Thank you for joining us in Prague

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Kentico Connection Does Prague in Style!
This year we decided to bring Kentico Connection Europe back to Kentico's homeland — the Czech Republic. The beautiful city of Prague became the stage for one of the most educative and fun-packed conferences in Kentico's history. Read more to get the scoop on the mischief that Kentico has been up to at their most recent Connection event. 

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