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Kentico Connection Does Prague in Style!
This year we decided to bring Kentico Connection Europe back to Kentico's homeland — the Czech Republic. The beautiful city of Prague became the stage for one of the most educative and fun-packed conferences in Kentico's history. Read more to get the scoop on the mischief that Kentico has been up to at their most recent Connection event. 
Thousands of tourists come through Prague on a daily basis to see the Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle, drink Czech beer, go clubbing, and take in surreal sites that seem fathomable only in our most beautiful dreams. We did it ALL! Okay… maybe not “all”, but we certainly came close…

It goes without saying that it would be an absolute travesty to drag Kentico Connection participants all the way to Prague and have them just sitting in a hotel – even if the hotel is in a charming historical building situated next to one of Prague’s most precious landmarks – the Strahov Monastery. So, to make our participant’s trip to the Czech Republic even more worthwhile, we took them out for some fun in the sun before the conference started – and we did, in fact, get lots of sun as well! 
After an awe-inspiring tour around the most iconic places in Old Town Prague, with what was most likely the funniest tour guide in the entire city (and possibly the Czech Republic), we set off for Ladronka Park to break a sweat with some intense sporting activities! Many of our participants unleashed their competitive drive by getting down and dirty in the beach volleyball and football matches. Thereafter, we got our roll on at the bowling tournament – the winners earned a very special prize – a limited edition Kentico Hero T-shirt available only at Kentico Connection events.

At night, we enjoyed a great evening of networking and entertainment, which ended with a beer-tasting led by our very own beer expert Robert Pinkas (Kentico’s very own VP of Marketing), who hand-picked the best-of-the-best brews from small Czech breweries – many which even Czech people don’t know about! By sunrise the next day, we were ready to get down to business, kicking the day off with an opening word by Petr Palas himself. And what better place to make Kentico history than in the illustrious Strahov Monastery?

From there, we dove straight into our three information-packed tracks: the Developer track, the Marketing track and the Real World Case Studies track – featuring industry experts like Alan Anderson (i3 Digital, IE), Kevin McCaffrey (Conversion Rate Services, UK), James Bloor (Distinction, UK), Marty Drill (Get Started, AUS), Petar Kozjak (Endora, CRO) and several others. What’s even more exciting is the fact that for the very first time in the history of Kentico Connection events, we had all four Kentico MVPs together at Kentico Connection – Jeroen Fürst (IBL Software, NET), Bryan Soltis (Bit-Wizards, USA), Brian McKeiver (BizStream, USA) and Ilesh Mistry (MMT Digital, UK). We took advantage of this great opportunity to pick their brains at the first ever MVP panel, where our attendees got a chance to hear their opinions and advice on all things related to Kentico.

But the highlight of our time together in Prague was still yet to come! As a special treat for having actively participated in a very productive day of excellent presentations and meetings, we hopped onto two stylish, historical Prague tram carriages from the 1920s – champagne included! After enjoying the magical tram ride with champagne, everyone’s eyes lit up when they realized that our destination was yet another Prague landmark that is nestled right on the river – Obcanska Plovarna. After feasting on a delicious dinner, we were given the distinct pleasure of officially handing over a check for $41,500 to Mrs. Olaug Bergseth, representative of Red Cross and Red Crescent, who came to Kentico Connection Prague from the International Office in Switzerland – the check was handed over as a symbolic gesture for Kentico’s very successful 10-Year Anniversary Red Cross and Red Crescent initiative. And just as the people began to think that the night couldn’t be any more perfect, fireworks suddenly soared over the river, lighting up the entire city center, thereby leaving no doubt that Kentico sure knows how to have a good time with its partners and clients.

This year’s Kentico Connection Europe in Prague set a new standard for upcoming Kentico Connection events. Looking towards the future, we are eager to make our way across the Atlantic for Kentico Connection Boston in November, and welcome many other Connection events that we hope will continue to open new doors and opportunities for our partners and their clients, while enjoying the best of experiences together.

Thank you to everyone who made Kentico Connection Prague such a memorable experience.




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