Celebrate the Birth of Genetics with Kentico!


July 20, 2015, marked 150 years since Gregor Johann Mendel, Augustinian Monk, delivered a lecture that would come to re-shape the world of science as it was known. A beekeeper and gardener, Mendel presented his findings about the inheritance of various traits from one set of pea plants to another, how some traits were dominant and other were recessive when two plants were bred together. This discovery formed the basis of what we know now as “genetics”.

The evening – titled “Mendel: The Legacy”, featured a concert by famous Czech bands, Progress 2 and Stromboli. The centerpiece of the evening, however, was a presentation by BAFTA Award winning animator Drew Berry, who created an animated presentation celebrating Mendel’s work and its place in the science of genetics. The presentation, projected locally on the side of the Abbey, and live in several international locations including the US, India, and Australia, was accompanied by an original score by British composer and Brno resident Duncan Hendy, which was performed by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra and a specially selected choir who sang Mendel’s original lecture translated into Latin.

Kentico was also there to celebrate. As part of our support for Mendel, Kentico was not only General Sponsor of the event itself, but is also sponsoring the Kentico Time Capsule, a chance for the public to give future generations their thoughts on how life will be different in 50 years. The Kentico Time Capsule will be buried for 50 years in the garden of the Abbey where Mendel did his research, to be dug up so that future generations can enjoy our thoughts on life in the future.

We want you to celebrate Mendel’s legacy and this time capsule with us. Between now and December 15, Kentico is asking for your messages. Lend your voice, and let the world know what you think life will look like in 50 years. Don’t miss out on this (literally) once-in-a-lifetime chance to preserve your voice for future generations!

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