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  • How to handle custom 404 pages programmatically
    Lukáš Gancarčík    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

    Kentico provides the possibility to configure the system to display custom pages instead of standard error messages. Custom pages are convenient for site visitors because they can improve the security of the site by hiding potentially sensitive internal data (such as code in stack traces).

    The <customErrors> element under the <system.web> section of the web.config file handles this functionality. However, what if you need to handle custom 404 pages within the code?

  • Page not found issue
    Khoa Nguyen    —       —    Question

    I got an error, when go to the url contain @@@For example: /product@abcd =@ throw error/product?category=abcd =@ access to page/product-abcd =@ go to page not found status 404In webconfig setting ...

  • 404 on preview
    Brandon Prudent    —       —    Question

    For some reason when trying to browse preview URLs I'm getting a 404. It seems like the admin application doesn't know how to interpret the address. Here's an example of the URL I'm trying to acces...

  • 404 ResponseRedirect
    SOS Childrensvillages    —       —    Question

    Hi,I want my 404's to redirect to /pagenotfound and for the url to also change to /pagenotfound. What I have tried is:@customErrors mode=@RemoteOnly@ redirectMode=@ResponseRedirect@ defaultRedirect...

  • 404 for Images Using GetAttachment
    Andre Pfanz    —       —    Question

    We are using Kentico v11.0.15 and are seeing a problem with some images giving a 404 on my local computer. Here is an example of one URL:https://localhost/getattachment/about/vp_megamenu_feat_pack...

  • Kentico Connections are coming back!
    Iva Konecna    —       —    Article

    We like trying new things. After all, there‘s no innovation without experimentation. So, two years ago, we shook things up and put a new spin on Kentico conferences.

  • Suspicious 404 Errors
    Mike Bilz    —       —    Question

    Hello Everyone,This may not be a Kentico question specifically, but I'd still appreciate your input.Recently I've noticed a strange recurring item in the 404 Error reports on my website.There are n...

  • Custom 404 page through code behind
    Zach L    —       —    Question

    Hi all, I've come across a bit of an issue, I need to find a way of showing a 404 page but on a page that does exists in the CMS it's just that under certain circumstances it needs to: 1. Return ...

  • How to render custom 404 page by code behind?
    Hanh Dang    —       —    Question

    Hi all,I am looking for an method to render custom 404 page manually without changing the URL as Kentico does. For example: I have a page with url /cars/{car_id}. The web part will gets car_id from...

  • Strange error on blank site with no customization
    Sofia Khatoon    —       —    Question

    I am trying to setup a plain 8.2.50 site with no customization. I started with blank installation of 8.0 web application on .Net 4.5.1 and ran upgrade utility to 8.2.50. No error was reported on an...