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  • Kentico Connections are coming back!
    Iva Konecna    —       —    Article

    We like trying new things. After all, there‘s no innovation without experimentation. So, two years ago, we shook things up and put a new spin on Kentico conferences.

  • Creating the Kentico Cloud Showcase Site
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    Over the past few months the Kentico Roadshow has brought updates and technical information to cities around the world. If you attended any of these sessions, you got to hear about the .NET Core Boilerplate project for Kentico Cloud. As part of the presentation, we showed you how to build a site in minutes using this open-source project. In this article, I’ll share with you the process we covered, as well as all source code for the showcase site. 

  • The Kentico Developer Roadshow is coming to London!
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    The 2015 Developer Roadshow has continued to be great event series with some awesome meetups around the US. While we have reached a lot of developers in several cities, we’re not done yet! In this blog I’ll give you the details about our next event coming to the UK community!

  • Announcing the 2015 Kentico Developer Roadshow!
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    In my first few months as Kentico’s Technical Evangelist, I’ve had the chance to speak to a lot of developers and produce several blogs to help the community. Working with other coders is one of the best parts of my job, and I really enjoy presenting to a group of developers interested in Kentico. What I have noticed is a lack of events focused on the platform within the community in several large cities. For this reason, I am delighted to introduce the Kentico Developer Roadshow! Think of it as a mini-Kentico Connection, with less karaoke. Well, probably less.