Kentico Time Capsule


What does the future hold, where will life take you, who will be famous, how many technologies will last the test of time? Does anybody really know what lies ahead? The only thing for sure is that, through genetics, the future will be influenced by the present.

On July 20, Mendel: The Legacy celebrates the 150th anniversary of the published research of Gregor Johann Mendel, the Father of Genetics. As part of the celebration, Kentico, the event’s general partner, are creating a time capsule that will contain messages for future generations. The Kentico Time Capsule will be placed in the Old Brno Abbey during the celebratory evening before being locked, sealed, and deposited in the Abbey 150 days later on December 17. The submissions can be in the form of a video, an image, or a written message, and should be a response to the question “What do you believe will be different in 50 years?” All answers will be stored in digital form on a hard disk and deposited in the time capsule, which will be reopened in 50 years on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Mendel’s discoveries. We encourage everybody to contribute their message and in 50 years, you or your descendants will find out if your predictions came true.

Petr Palas, just like Mendel himself, started off and excelled in Brno, but his software is now known and used all around the world. “While Mendel’s laws remain constant even after 150 years and will still be valid in another 50 years, the world around us changes constantly. We would like to encourage everybody to think about what they believe will be different in the future and pass these ideas on to future generations using our Time Capsule”, explains Petr Palas, the founder and CEO of Kentico Software.

To kick it all off, the staff at Kentico, led by our very own Duncan Hendy, have created the first submission for the time capsule – Let’s Do the Time Capsule Again – a musical video that gives our predictions for the future. Check it out, and make sure to submit your video, image, or text answering the question

“What do you believe will be different in 50 years?”

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