Are You Ready for a New Chapter?


In 2010, Kentico kicked off the Kentico Connection conferences bringing our partners and customers together and making them a true part of the Kentico family. From cities such as Melbourne, Prague, Orlando, London, Boston, through to the 17th and final Connection in our home city of Brno in 2015, Kentico Connection kicked ass! But now, it is time for a whole new beginning. Now, it is time for Connection’s bigger and badder brother, 404, Kentico’s brand new global conference for Digital Marketing and Website Development.

First coined in 1992, 404 indicates that a server can’t find what was requested. Now, 24 years later, a well-designed 404 page is no longer the dreaded dead-end error that everyone hates, but a new and innovative opportunity to keep the customer experience alive, build your brand, and remind people of who you are and why they love you.

Just like the 404 page itself, the new conference is for people that think outside the box when faced with failure. They don’t give up. They’re not afraid to fail. They take it as a challenge, learn their lesson, move past their “dead-end”, and turn it into something cool, new, and awesome. 404 tears apart your idea of a typical conference where everybody brags about their achievements. It gives you an honest and transparent look at the blood, sweat, and tears that go into success.

Enjoy over 30 sessions across three days in one fabulous location, Las Vegas. Split into two tracks – Business and Technology – you will see incredible talks from industry experts, fearless behind-the-scenes case studies of real-life projects, and get your questions answered and share your experiences in panel discussions and roundtables.

And, of course, we’re not forgetting about our Kentico community. November 2 is dedicated entirely to the Kentico Experience with product updates, presentations, and hands-on sessions that give you a unique first look at Kentico 10 in action.

Excited? This is just the beginning! Keep checking for more updates and to see what great speakers and sessions are coming your way.

See you in Vegas.


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