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  • Top 10 Kentico Websites for October 2015
    Pavlína Mahovská    —       —    Article

    October may have just finished, but our partners are already getting started with even more great projects. This is the Kentico Top 10.

  • Top 10 Kentico Websites for November 2014
    Lenka Navratilova    —       —    Article

    Christmas has arrived early this year at Kentico! We’ve had some excellent projects delivered to us by our partners this past November – Twinings, Bank Austria and eight others you don’t want to miss. Best of all, you don’t have to wait till Christmas Day to see the goodies we have in store for you – just read on and discover what’s inside. Happy Holidays from Kentico!

  • Top 10 Kentico Websites for September 2014
    Lenka Navratilova    —       —    Article

    Ah September… this colorful, autumn month has brought us an equally colorful variety of web projects delivered on the Kentico platform. We have picked a bushel of ten fresh, juicy websites just for you – bon appetite!

  • Top 10 Kentico Websites for August 2014
    Lenka Navratilova    —       —    Article

    Back from your holiday… back in the office… and back to reality… But, that’s okay! If you just came back from your dream vacation, August was marked by the release of our new Kentico 8.1 sub-version, and of course, excellent projects created by our partners and clients. In this blog post, you can sample the best of them to get you back in the swing of things! 

  • Top 10 Kentico Websites for July 2014
    Lenka Navratilova    —       —    Article

    This summer has brought not only superb weather but also fantastic web projects delivered on Kentico. In July, we harvested rich crops of enterprise websites using the Kentico E-commerce Solution. Enjoy!

  • Top 10 Kentico Websites for June 2014
    Lenka Navratilova    —       —    Article

    Although summer is at its peak in Europe and North America, we haven‘t ended our search for the best websites our partners and clients created on a Kentico platform. Put your sunglasses on, lay down on a deck chair, sip your favourite cocktail and enjoy the Top10 for June.

  • Top 10 Kentico Websites for May 2014
    Lenka Navratilova    —       —    Article

    It was 10 years ago, on June 4, 2004 when Kentico was born in a small apartment in Brno, Czech Republic. Since then, it has grown to be a global enterprise with offices in the US, UK, and Australia. Come join our 10 Years campaign, and celebrate 10 years of Kentico presence in the world. But for now, enjoy the 10 excellent Kentico projects our partners and clients delivered in May 2014!

  • Top 10 Kentico Websites for April 2014
    Lenka Navratilova    —       —    Article

    Just one month after the release of the new version, we would like to introduce the first website created on Kentico 8 – have a look at Webcoda’s company site! And don’t forget to soak up the best April websites, a great variety of projects Kentico is the best fit for - ranging from successful e-commerce projects to appealing corporate websites built on Kentico EMS.

  • Top 10 Kentico Websites for March 2014
    Lenka Navratilova    —       —    Article

    We are all very excited about Kentico 8, which was successfully released in March! However, it will take a couple of weeks until we introduce the first projects for the new version in the Top 10. Let's have a look at the ten best projects of the month, including world-known enterprises, governmental, research and non-profit organizations on three continents.

  • Top 10 Kentico Websites for December 2013
    Lenka Navratilova    —       —    Article

    With another great year in the books we take a look back at the last 10 Top websites from December 2013. It was once again hard to pick through all the great sites being delivered by our partners. We are happy to showcase some of these great sites below, The Gruffalo, College Invest, Destination Steamboat, Savage Motorcycles, and many more…