Top 10 Kentico Websites for March 2014

We are all very excited about Kentico 8, which was successfully released in March! However, it will take a couple of weeks until we introduce the first projects for the new version in the Top 10. Let's have a look at the ten best projects of the month, including world-known enterprises, governmental, research and non-profit organizations on three continents.
Since 1862, Pfaff has been committed to developing and modernizing premium sewing machines being sold and successfully used all over the world. 
Visitors to Pfaff's Kentico website will experience a user-friendly environment tailored to their geographic location. Intuitive product filters that are maintained in a custom Kentico table provide visitors with the means to navigate through Pfaff's large inventory of sewing machines and accessories, imported into Kentico from a legacy SQL database. Visitors can select up to three machines for a side-by-side comparison of core features, enabling them to select the machine that best meets their needs. Using Google Maps and an HTML5 browser location component, dealers, classes, and events in the visitor's area are displayed, transforming the website into a valuable local sewing resource.
Implemented by: 
Wakefly, USA 
Kentico Gold Partner
The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, incorporated in 1920, is one of the finest institutions of its kind in North America. 
In addition to the robust informational content, the Museum wanted to integrate their online membership and ticket services with a new point-of-sale platform they rolled out in parallel. All of the site and its utilities needed to be mobile-friendly and device accessible.  This was done by thunder::tech by using Responsive Design and building custom Kentico templates. The Museum website was built with Kentico Ultimate CMS version 7. It used many of Kentico’s features including Blog, News document types, Ecommerce, Events Document types and its developer API framework for custom integrations with the Tessitura Software used for ticketing and memberships for arts and cultural organizations.

Kentico Gold Partner
As one of Australia's Top 10 listed companies and a Global Fortune 500 company, Telstra is one of the country’s largest and most iconic organisations.  They are in the top ten of graduate employers in Australia and the number 1 telecommunications employer in the country. 
The aim of the Option City website is to communicate Telstra Graduate Program to talented fresh graduates and introduce Telstra as the company where they can achieve things that are not possible anywhere else. Various Kentico features have been used to promote Telstra and its various events they host, for example a blog, forum or event calendar as well as integration with social media.
Telstra Option City
Implemented by:
Havas Worldwide Australia
Kentico Gold Partner
Genea has been leading the way in fertility advances for over 25 years and operates 14 clinics across Australia.
Genea sought to redevelop their website in a way that would provide current and prospective patients with a better experience. After an extensive search, they chose Kentico due to its inherent and easy to use marketing capabilities. In the first quarter since the launch of the new site, Genea has noted significant increases in site engagement and inbound leads and has received early positive feedback from the market. The Genea site is fully responsive, integrates with an external CRM, has Australian & NZ variants, predictive search, Blogs, Tag Clouds, Photo Galleries, Events Calendar with Bookings, Email Newsletters, Discussion Forum, Calculators and extensive custom functionality. 

Implemented by:
BlueArc Group, Australia
Kentico Gold Partner
Destination Strangford is a true integrated marketing and communications platform with dedicated native and web-based mobile apps providing the ability to be accessed anywhere at any time! The cutting-edge Responsive Mobile Website was built with HTML 5 and has been deployed on a sophisticated destination marketing platform that has been integrated into NITB‘s multi-tenancy tourism information database and key social media channels, which serves information to associated native smart phone Apps via an integrated data factory. It is a solid foundation model that can be built on to grow and evolve with the development of the region.
Visit Strangford Lough 
Implemented by:
i3 Digital formerly biznet IIS, United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner
The Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) is the site of world-leading research in areas such as cancer, neurobiology, embryology and gene therapy. 
The aim was to create an engaging, user-friendly site that will promote the work of the Institute and encourage donations. The site works beautifully across all devices including the ability to donate easily from mobile devices. The interactive timeline shows the history of the CMRI in a very visually compelling way as you scroll. The CMRI website is jam-packed full of content, so Webcoda made sure it was easy to navigate by using navigation techniques such as a megamenu, color-coded  sections, breadcrumbs and a sticky, top navigation.

Children's Medical Research Institute 
Implemented by:
Webcoda, Australia
Kentico Gold Partner
Deakin is Australia's 9th largest university with over 44,000 students, of whom approximately a fifth are international students from over 100 countries. 
Get Started has created an innovative, multi-device experience for today's digitally native university students. Designed and developed with a true ‘mobile-first’ focus, the site is fully responsive with extensive social media integration and e-commerce functionality. Member and events registration and a custom-developed club management console all leverage the Kentico Groups and Membership Modules, allowing DUSA to create an online experience for a traditionally offline environment.

Kentico Gold Partner
Norfolk Wildlife Trust (NWT) is the oldest Wildlife Trust in UK with over 35,000 members and more than 100 corporate members.
Working closely with the client, Empresa started the website development project by wire framing every page, ensuring that the user journey was 100% correct. The potential user experience was closely investigated to ensure that the new elements of the website were easily accessible to the visitors and that the content of the old website was migrated into the new site. The Norfolk Wildlife Trust website utilizes the Kentico widget system, so that the client is able to create and build sections and pages without needing any interaction from Empresa. The website attracts approximately 20,000 unique visitors per month and has been well received by the visitors to the website.

Norfolk Wildlife Trust  
Implemented by:
Empresa Limited, United Kingdom
Kentico Partner

Fraser Health provides a wide range of integrated health care services to more than 1.6 million people living in British Columbia, Canada. 
E-Cubed Media Synthesis was asked to create a compelling website that would be fully responsive giving access to all range of devices. The site is fully integrated with custom HRMS system E-Cubed Media have built for Job postings and profiles so that the client is able to manage the application process. Google mashups and video banners enrich the content of the website, which has achieved great success with around 55,000 unique visitors per month in average; 25% of the traffic is mobile (out of that 15% with small devices and 10% with tablets), thereby demonstrating the importance of having a responsive design.

Kentico Gold Partner
Starmark is a distinguished leader in group healthcare benefits and currently focuses on administrating self-funded health plans for small to mid-size businesses. 
Starmark decided to move to Kentico from an outdated content management system to a modern CMS that’s easy to use. They needed single sign-on integration with internal systems, document and form management capabilities, and a new responsive website design. BizStream was able to leverage the comprehensive set of Kentico features to accomplish the new website in an aggressive timeline.

Implemented by:
BizStream, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

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