Top 10 Kentico Websites for October 2015


October may have just finished, but our partners are already getting started with even more great projects. This is the Kentico Top 10.

Implemented by All human
Kentico Gold Partner

Cpl Resources plc. is Ireland’s largest recruitment agency and a global provider of staffing, recruitment, training, and outsourcing services. The primary goal of their new website was to attract and convert job seekers while acting as a sales lead and generation tool for potential clients. A key part of the solution for their website was to redesign the core user-flows (e.g. candidate job search through to application), so they were efficient for both the end-user and end customer. Successfully meeting these requirements through a re-designed site built on Kentico 8, Cpl Resources’ new site shows early site metrics that have demonstrated a significant reduction in bounce rates, and reached their overall conversion goal as candidates complete job searches through to the actual job application.

Implemented by GoldenComm
Kentico Silver Partner

Ingram Micro, a Fortune 100 company, is the world's largest electronics and information technology distributor, and rapidly growing as a global industry leader in technology training and skills development. Ingram Micro’s existing site was previously powered by Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD), an enterprise learning management system. While CSOD works well for offering learning modules, it doesn’t provide customers with a great navigation experience. Ingram Micro wanted to increase both organic and paid traffic on their website while still utilizing the CSOD system. By leveraging the Kentico framework, reductive/faceted navigation, and smart search features, GoldenComm improved their search results and user experience, greatly reducing the number of clicks it takes to register for an Ingram Micro Training class. The website is now fully indexed by search engines.

Implemented by iMedia
Kentico Silver Partner

AdvantageCare Physicians (ACP) is a multi-specialty physician practice delivering comprehensive, community-based care in convenient locations throughout the New York metropolitan area. Because they are striving to be viewed as a leader in the healthcare space, it was important for ACP to promote their brand online in a way that modernized the patient experience. ACP wanted to provide users with the modernized patient information they were searching for in as few clicks as possible. It was necessary for ACP’s new website to be optimized to give visitors a seamless experience, regardless of their browsing device.
iMedia created a robust search functionality within Kentico and featured sophisticated integrations with a number of third-party systems, including iMedia’s custom-built web part, “the Social Feed Integration Tool”, to meet ACP’s needs in the market effectively.


Implemented by Reason One
Kentico Gold Partner

The primary goals of the redesign of the Arthritis Society’s online presence were to merge multiple, independent websites into one, implement a new, contemporary website, empower the society to engage its audiences online, and transition the organization to a more proactive, analytics-driven approach to the management of their website.
ecentricarts implemented sophisticated content personalization functionality that enables users to self-identify their needs and interests to surface relevant content. Also, it was necessary to engage with other media, such as email marketing, paid and organic search referrals, and social, and create a responsive user interface that would sing on mobile devices. The new website has had an immediate positive impact on both the organization’s staff, and the society’s key audiences and stakeholders: including a 29% decrease in bounce rate, a 129% faster server-side processing, and 27% better on-site engagement.

Implemented by Obergine
United Kingdom
Kentico Bronze Partner

Alliance Pharma (AP) is a publicly owned international pharmaceutical company. AP’s expertise lies in the acquisition and licensing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products and delivering these to patients. Obergine needed to create an easy-to-manage website that reflected AP’s global reach and ambitions.
The major challenge for Obergine to overcome was creating an easy-to-use site that catered to five regions in four languages, and that integrated seamlessly with the investor’s microsite, powered by Sitecore.  Healthcare products and communications are subject to a rigorous legal approval process that is regionally dependent. Training CMS users that reflected this issue was a further challenge that Obergine faced. But, Kentico’s flexible workflow and approval engine allowed Obergine to overcome both of these challenges.
It is still early in the implementation, but traffic levels have increased by 40% and user engagement levels by 20%.

Implemented by WDM
Kentico Gold Partner

The Cash Back App’s (TCBA) plans were bold. They wanted to launch globally while growing their customer and merchant base rapidly. At the heart of this project was the re-development of the TCBA website and the new addition of a mobile application. TCBA knew that they needed to start doing things more efficiently, utilizing technology to assist their customers and the growth of the company better.
To meet these needs, Web Design Magic needed to provide a robust and secure e-commerce platform that made it is easy for customers to navigate and buy products and services, was easy to use and allowed multiple team members to work on the site at one time, was secure and handled distribution of funds. Web Design Magic met these challenges with Kentico. Since launching the new website, TCBA has experienced a positive growth in numbers for customer memberships and merchant sign-ups.

Implemented by ACTUM Digital
Czech Republic
Kentico Gold Partner

Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG is a German financial services and real-estate group. During their history in the Czech market, Wüstenrot has gained over 550,000 clients and closed over 750,000 contracts, making it one of the top providers of financial services in the country.
Wüstenrot needed a site that was more relevant to the online customer. The site also needed to simplify and streamline content editing while including governance and compliance capabilities. Actum faced several challenges in this project, including the need for a custom search widget and integration with Wüstenrot’s call center web solution.
Since launch, Wüstenrot’s new site has seen a better customer reach. Specifically, the average time spent on the website increased by more than 30 seconds without requiring the user to visit more pages per visit. The site’s return rate increased by 12%. The general overhaul of the experience and new user-centric approach resulted in lower bounce rates in general (around 8-10%) and much lower bounce rates from targeted regions (which decreased by more than 12% in some cases).

Inactive partner

The enchanting vacation resort, “Ferienparadies Natterer See”, with its untouched nature, is situated at the gateway of southern Europe. For more than 85 years, the resort has offered relaxing holidays in the sunny uplands to lovers of nature. The goal of the site re-design was to present “Ferienparadies Natterer See” on the Internet in an impressive way – with all its modern infrastructure, wonderful architecture and surrounding nature and, thus, increase the number of bookings. Since Connexion re-designed the site, traffic has increased, as has the average time on site.

Implemented by Zeroseven
Kentico Gold Partner

Amaroo Pet is Australia's newest exciting online pet supply retailer. Offering a comprehensive range of products that can be delivered to a home or workplace, or picked up using a click and collect service. With a digital storefront, a state-of-the-art online solution, with a particular focus on the customer experience, was the ultimate goal of the Amaroo Pet business. The brief was to provide an accessible website that could be navigated with ease. The finished product needed to showcase their product range, control inventory, facilitate online payments, and provide a communication channel to their market.  
With a very specific client brief, the team at Zeroseven rose to the challenge of providing custom stylizing and applying visual effects to meet the clients’ needs and expectations, while taking full advantage of Kentico’s robust API. This allowed them to customize their approach and improved e-commerce functionality and payment gateway security.


Implemented by [A]
Kentico Gold Partner

Since 1986, Texas Oncology has treated more than a million patients and grown into a network of 150 treatment centers and over 375 specialized physicians. Simple [A] worked to organize Texas Oncology’s complex array of disparate websites into a unified brand experience with a central repository of content, and a unified brand experience across multiple domains, with the goal of increasing website traffic while encouraging patients to request appointments and engaging them with personalization.
The adoption of a unified content management system (CMS), optimization of content, patient referrals and clinical trials portals, plus marketing, and physician’s intranets, and an emergency notification system were all key features of Simple [A]’s solution. This redesign meant an elegant, single-source customer experience that increased direct visits to the organization’s main site by 1,064%, and generated 12 times more traffic from affiliated sites. Intensive re-architecture and optimization strategies also helped increase search traffic by 1,056% and overall user engagement by ten times.

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