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  • Can't seem to find web analytics application on dashboard
    Victor Chin    —       —    Question

    Hi all, I've been wanting to access the web analytics for a site I'm working on, but I can't seem to be able to find the web analytics application in the drop-down list when wanting to add another ...

  • Application Insights for Kentico
    Brian McKeiver    —       —    Article

    At the recent Build 2016 conference Microsoft really wowed developers with all sorts of new bells and whistles for Visual Studio, Azure, Bots, and Windows 10.  Included in some of the new enhancements for ASP.Net and Visual Studio was a pretty cool new feature called Visual Studio Application Insights. According to Microsoft, Application Insights allow developers to detect issues, solve problems and continuously improve their applications. The technology is intended to help quickly diagnose any problems in a live application.

    Since my team and I are in charge of monitoring quite a few web applications, I found the topic of Application Insights particularly interesting as it relates to Kentico based applications. I immediately thought of questions like would this technology work for web applications only hosted in Azure, or would it also work for existing applications that were on-premise. I was also curious if how easy it was to install and use the technology, how much overhead that it introduces, and exactly how the heck does it actually work. 

    Keep reading to find out how easy it is to add Visual Studio Application Insights to a Kentico based web application and what value, if any, this technology can add to your every day job as a web developer or architect.

  • missing applications after site import
    kyle shapiro    —       —    Question

    Hello DevNet! I recently imported my site into production environment, but I am missing many of the applications. As a global administrator, all applications besides @recycle bin@ are missing from ...

  • IIS Settings Worker Process - Large Amount of Virtual Bytes
    Todd Wolfe    —       —    Question

    Has anyone encountered the Kentico system using a large amount of Virtual bytes when looking at the Application Pool worker process? In my case I see it start around 11GB and then increase quickly...

  • To Array undefined In Application dashboard
    Surendra Sharma    —       —    Question

    I re-install kentico 8.2 in my system. The root location is @C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Kentico82_2@. In live site means without admin login site is running mode and some image is not show like search icon...

  • New editor role do not display all applications
    Caroline FAURE    —       —    Question

    Hello,I am new to Kentico and I have a problem with the creation of an editor role.I created a role and give it several permissions with the corresponding UI personalization. Unfortunately, when I ...

  • Javascript web applications served through Kentico pages
    Josh Black    —       —    Question

    Let's say I have some Javascript web application on a web server (webserver) which makes calls to an application server (appserver). A user accesses webserver, which serves JS and all other static...

  • Application running error
    sadesh kumar    —       —    Question

    I am getting the following error at the time of running kentico CMS 7 application in visual studio. How to solve these error. 1. Could not copy @C:\KenticoCMS7\Lib\Lucene.Net.dll@ to @bin\Lucene.Ne...

  • Using ASP.NET MVC with Kentico CMS
    Martin Hejtmanek    —       —    Article

    We got a lot of questions on how you could use MVC within a Kentico CMS web site. Now it is finally the time for the answer...