Javascript web applications served through Kentico pages

Josh Black asked on January 6, 2015 23:35

Let's say I have some Javascript web application on a web server (webserver) which makes calls to an application server (appserver). A user accesses webserver, which serves JS and all other static files. The JS served by webserver then just makes asynchronous REST calls to appserver to run the application. Not unlike most Javascript applications. Pardon the laborious explanation - just want to be clear. If my company implements Kentico and we want users to access the application as a Kentico page, can I simply serve my JS from the Javascript library (with all other static elements now in the CMS) into a responsive, styled section of the page? CORS provisions would be made on the application server.

I know that this can be done in general - just wondering if any feature or restriction within Kentico will preclude this functionality.

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 7, 2015 01:11

It can be done but I'm not going to say it will be easy. If you follow standards and best practices so you have full use of the features Kentico has to offer, it will take longer than if you were to just hack something to "make it work".

I'd suggest downloading a trial copy and see what you come up with. Don't forget about the documentation!

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