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  • Knetico Home page
    Jeewani Jayasuriya    —       —    Question

    I have created my first home page but it's not displaying and data or nothing on design mode other than Master template data when I select @Use page template settings (Nests within levels: 0)@ unde...

  • home page error
    Aya Quintans    —       —    Question

    I added a new static html web part in the home page. but after i refresh, home page is not loading even in design mode. how can i fix the issue? thank you

  • CMSBreadcrumbs and home
    Lennard van Diggelen    —       —    Question

    Hi,I noticed that the homepage (root) isn't included within the CMSBreadcrumbs.I saw this old post but cannot figure out if this has been implemented or not based on the documentation. https://devn...

  • promote or "pin" news to homepage
    Dennis Hulsmans    —       —    Question

    HiI want to promote (or pin) some items (not necessarily the most recent items) to the homepage news teaser. In another CMS there is a property called @show on homepage@. I can do it the same way,...

  • Homepage URL
    Mike Rainsbury    —       —    Question

    Hi Is it possible to set up our site so the URL of the homepage contains only the main part of the domain. i.e instead of t...

  • default.aspx on homepage
    Jim Bills    —       —    Question

    As of right now, I have a homepage which displays using both and What is the easiest way to simply have the default.aspx always redirect to the www.sampl...