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  • Smart Filters
    giridhar Addagalla    —       —    Question

    Hi team, I am trying to achieve the smart search along with automatic filters on the left of the search result,using current API's mean that It looks like if we tried to search based on the categor...

  • Smart Search Filters and Analyzer type
    Quang Lai    —       —    Question

    I've created a custom smart search index and incorporated filters onto it (per What I've fo...

  • Creating a Filter Alternative Form in Kentico
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    Forms (or BizForms, if you’ve been using Kentico a while) are a great way to store data within your application. With a secure administration interface, you can allow editors and administrators to design and manage the form easily, all using the built-in application. In this article, I’ll show you how you can customize the form data interface with filters to help your users search and display data quickly.

  • Filter Employees Datasource (Users Datasource) by Role
    Kim Driggers    —       —    Question

    Using 8.2 and wanting to filter the Employees Datsource by Roles (departments) to create individual department contact lists. I have the Employees Datasource displaying all users in a Repeater web...

  • Creating Secure Filters in Kentico: Programmatically or QueryStrings
    Laura Frese    —       —    Article

    When doing any custom development, it is important to ensure you don’t make your site vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. Fortunately, Kentico provides developers and site administrators with easy ways to protect their sites. In this post, I provide a use case scenario on creating secure filters with Kentico programmatically, or using querystrings.

    Consider this scenario: You are creating a new page type that will provide editors with an easy way to add cocktail recipes to your site. You want to provide a way to show how potent the drink is, but you don’t want to allow the editor to type in whatever they want because said editor lacks a censor. So, you decide to use the drop down list form control and limit what the editor can select. You also decide to allow users to filter by potency and search by drink name.

  • Document Repository for Intranet
    Kim Driggers    —       —    Question

    I am new to Kentico (v8.2) and have no .Net experience. I have been given the task to create a document repository for our intranet. The documents will be stored in the content tree within several...

  • Filter smart search results
    Francisco Caicedo    —       —    Question

    Hi,I have the following tree node structure in the CMS:Parent category 1 - sub category 1 - sub category 2 Parent category 2 - sub category 1 - sub category 4 Assigned to these no...

  • Smart Search Filter Results
    Brad Chapman    —       —    Question

    Hey There Silly question probably - How does one retrieve the smart search filter term after post back? For example: @Results are currently filtered by: {smart search filter result here}@ The natur...

  • Smart Search Filter to Display Users
    Katrina Miday    —       —    Question

    Hello!I currently have a smart search filter that filters by classnames, to display only news, blog posts, wiki articles, etc. I've been trying to add an option to display only users, but I've bee...

  • Simple text search, is there an easier/better way.
    Vic Carter    —       —    Question

    I need to do a keyword search on a custom table and then pull back a list of documents that are associated with the relevant records.My current plan is to write a user control that will take a sear...