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giridhar Addagalla asked on October 10, 2018 16:26

Hi team, I am trying to achieve the smart search along with automatic filters on the left of the search result,using current API's mean that It looks like if we tried to search based on the category all the filters of the category should be displayed (Eg: Computers is my category name and the left filters should be like Technical Specification filters as a block and Body Type as another block, manufacturer ,Ram (2gb ,3gb) as another. If I tried to search for lenovo in the search bar, then the products should be all items related to lenovo keyword they may be phone and laptops, Tablets, now the filters should be related to phones and laptops and tablets such are (ram, body type, weight, screen size,storage, calling) Now in the filters if I checked with calling (yes) then all the phones and few tabs will be displayed, because laptops wont has that specification. This is what I want to achieve, can I do this with the current API which is defined or I need to create a new one.And the other one is are there any plugins or any other websites achieved this feature please kind me know about it. Thanks, Giridhar Addagalla.

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Brenden Kehren answered on October 10, 2018 16:30

What you're looking for is a faceted search. Kentico has documentation for it in v10 but didn't publish it for v11. It's still relevent so I'd suggest taking a look there.

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giridhar Addagalla answered on October 10, 2018 16:43

Thanks for the reply Brenden Kehren but int the documentation you mentioned Search text required: Disabled my first search is started with the text and the remaining will be on top of text the filters should work, this is what i need to achieve.

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