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  • Detect if webpart has content
    Duncan Koza    —       —    Question

    I have a button on my page that toggles the display of two web parts. If both of these two web parts don't have content (and therefore won't be rendered), I don't want my button to appear either.I...

  • Detect Location geolocation
    web dev    —       —    Question

    hello kentico team i am trying to detect the current location is there any method in kentico to use it and get the city name i try some this code but didnt work any one have idea thanks {%if(Analy...

  • Mobile Device Override
    Brenden Kehren    —       —    Question

    I'm attempting to use the Switch Mobile Device Detection webpart and its not working as I'd expect. I've placed it on my /Mobile.aspx master page and it displays the desktop/mobile text as expecte...