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  • Architecture matters!
    Štěpán Kozák    —       —    Article

    As a Solution Architect, I very often deal with clients’ websites getting slower and slower until they reach the point at which even the Kentico UI stops responding. That’s usually the point where we (the consulting department) are called in to help solve the urgent situation. Of course, we can always do something to get the website running again, but such a situation is usually caused by bad non-scalable architecture and a misconfiguration of Kentico or the IIS and could be avoided. The purpose of this article is to emphasize how important it is to think about architecture carefully when building a complex website. I’ll demonstrate this in two real-life examples.

  • Kentico Consulting Services: 2 Years In
    Petr Passinger    —       —    Article

    Just how much time and trouble can consultants save you on your project? Check out real stories from customers who have relied on our consulting services to help them with challenging web projects!

  • New: Consulting Packages for Performance Optimization and Upgrades
    Petr Palas    —       —    Article

    Do you need help with performance optimization or upgrade of your website? You can now use Kentico Solution Architects to get an expert advice.

  • RWE: Sample Code Review
    Karol Jarkovsky    —       —    Article

    I have got a chance to do code review for one of our client's recently and I thought I would share results with you. You should learn a bit more about our API and how it influences overall website performance. I would also like to use this sample code review to demonstrate what we can do as part of Kentico Professional Services.

  • Getting Started Consulting Package launched!
    Karol Jarkovsky    —       —    Article

    Are you just about to start a new project with Kentico CMS and not quite sure where to start digging for information? Is your head spinning around from all those requirements that need to fit somewhere and it seems even more difficult to design it the right way? Are you facing your first Kentico CMS project and need help to get onto the right track? Please read more about the recently launched Getting Started Consulting Package to find out how we could be of help to you.

  • Introducing consulting blog
    Karol Jarkovsky    —       —    Article

    Welcome to the consulting blog where useful hints on how to achieve various tasks with the Kentico CMS will be presented. Most importantly, I will try to provide information on goals and issues that real projects involve. Hopefully together we will form a solid base of inspiration for your project and evoke even greater interest in Kentico.

  • Now available: Consulting Services and Express Remote Assistance
    Petr Palas    —       —    Article

    We have just launched Kentico Consulting Services and Express Remote Assistance. Read this blog post to learn how we can help you with complex projects or how we can assist you remotely, directly on your system.