Getting Started Consulting Package launched!

Are you just about to start a new project with Kentico CMS and not quite sure where to start digging for information? Is your head spinning around from all those requirements that need to fit somewhere and it seems even more difficult to design it the right way? Are you facing your first Kentico CMS project and need help to get onto the right track? Please read more about the recently launched Getting Started Consulting Package to find out how we could be of help to you.
We all know that the CMS implementation makes it pretty easy to perform content updates, integrate CMS with other systems and thus make your project one shining piece. However, without a solid plan developed at the beginning, integration needs may not be fulfilled and the project may not reach its goals.

So, we have been thinking about a way to give you a hand with eliminating any possible mistakes in the website architecture and project plan that may be somewhat cost and resource consuming.  Therefore, we launched a new Getting Started Consulting Package offer yesterday. With Getting Started Consulting Package you receive 3 full days of consulting provided by one of Kentico consultants. Please take a look at the service datasheet for detailed information on what is included.

During the consulting sessions with you, we are going to apply a proven, structured methodology that leverages Kentico’s strengths to achieve your goals and to ensure your investment payback. Kentico expert consultants will help you plan out the road map to reach your goals quickly and in the most efficient way. Moreover, your developers get insight into best practices of using existing features and implementing custom functionality with Kentico CMS.

Overall, Getting Started Consulting Package will make your project succeed from the very beginning.

Thank you!


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Karol Jarkovsky

Director of Product


Karol Jarkovsky commented on

Hi Elango,

I'd be happy to assist you.

Could you please send me an e-mail with further details to karolj/at/ Thank you.



Elango commented on

I need help with Kentico admin and also some developer training.
Can you please provide me your contact so that we can discuss.