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Welcome to the consulting blog where useful hints on how to achieve various tasks with the Kentico CMS will be presented. Most importantly, I will try to provide information on goals and issues that real projects involve. Hopefully together we will form a solid base of inspiration for your project and evoke even greater interest in Kentico.

Hi all!

First, please let me introduce myself. My name is Karol Jarkovsky, however, I rather use Karl instead of Karol. The reason of this is that some of our customers used to think of some blond, long-legged hottie called Carol.) As you can see reality is different a bit.

I have been working for the Kentico for quite a time already. I have started as a Support Engineer at the Customer Care Department. I really enjoyed the time spent there as I always appreciate chance to be in touch with customers, listen to their needs while trying to solve the issues. Then after some time I realized getting truly deep look in what is actually under the hood of the Kentico CMS would be highly interesting, though. So I decided to switch to the Development Department. I started to work as a Software Developer there. Not only I saw how the things are actually done in the Kentico world but, in addition, I have worked on various modules and features as a member of one of our development team.

My current position is Consultant. As our recently announced Consulting services goes I will be responsible for providing these services to our clients. During consultation meetings I would like to present the knowledge I gained as a Kentico Developer to you to help you accomplish your goals.  Furthermore, my attitude is to constantly produce handy posts on issues that you might face during development rather than hypothetical and made-up scenarios. Along with the Knowledge Base and our FAQs this blog comprises wide-range source of information you should review regularly.

Looking forward to co-operation!

Karl J.
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Karol Jarkovsky

Director of Product